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Aug 25, 2008 08:15 AM

Danish Smoked Cheese Salad-Help Please

It was inevitable. I am a complete sandwich junkie. No apologies, I just believe everything is better with good bread.
I am now exploring unknown territory, and am experimenting with those fantastic little pieces of art known as Smorrebrod, or Danish open-faced sandwiches. While browsing Ida Davidsen's unbelievable 200 sandwich menu, I came across something I simply MUST have - Danish Smoked Cheese Salad.
Does anyone know how to make it? Searching the web, all I could find was a vague reference to smoked cheese mixed with mayo and cut radishes, but that's it. So if anyone knows, pleased help me out. Shredded cheese? Chopped cheese? Radishes, sliced, chopped, shredded, or what?
Also if anyone out there has a favorite condiment or spread for their Smorrebrod, let us know!

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  1. This intrigued me, as I've been fascinated with that sandwich menu too.

    I found the following which seems like it could be it:

    Hope that helps!

    1. Hi,
      I am Danish and make this cheese myself because my husband just loves that same sandwich you are talking about. The basic ingredients are Rygeost (smoked cheese), cucumbers and radishes. As so many other recipes, there are many variations as to how it is assembled, but let me know if you still want to know how to make the cheese.

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        hi bonnie

        I am from denmark fyn my dad have just be here in florida and i miss the rygeost and me too can I get the recipe.

        thank you dasy

        1. re: bjunker

          Hey Bonnie!
          Wow, I just looked at my post again and I would LOVE to know how to make the cheese you are talking about! Please tell me how to make Rygeost if you're still out there.


          1. re: bjunker

            I would very much like to know how to make rygeost cheese- Thanks, Mark