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Aug 25, 2008 07:56 AM

Boba Tea (Bubble Tea) in Philly?

I've been hearing so much about boba tea being the new hit thing in California and NYC - is there anywhere in Philly I can try this? Anyone know what its like, how it tastes, etc? I googled it and learned a bit about the Tapioca balls...but I am just very anxious to give it a try. Where can I find it?

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  1. It hit Philly some years back. I think the two best places to try it are Bubble House at 34th and Sansom and KC's Pastries in chinatown. I personally love the hot red bean bubble tea at KC's, which they make with real red beans - it's practically a meal. But that's not the one for beginners - you should start with just a sweet black tea one. Thank you.

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      There are lots of places in Chinatown but I think KC's is the best. Also good ones at T-Bar on 12th and Sansom

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        thanks - i'll have to give KC's a try.

        what about zen tea house? i hear good things there as well via the web and yelp.

    2. i tried a taro boba tea yesterday in ocean city, nj on the boardwalk, there is a shop between 11th and 12th street, i believe its called something like boba house and glazed nuts? it was almost exactly what i was expecting, it was good however a bit hyped up. the little boba reminded me of gummy worms - the tea was also very filling - but halfway through i got tired of chewing a just drank the tea. i will still need to get a philly experience to compare...thanks all!

      1. i can't believe that it is the new hit thing anywhere. it's been in philly for forever and the bubble house has been open since 2002 i think. kc's is yummy and there is also a v good bubble tea place in the shopping complex at 11th and washington (south side, close to the east corner). i forget it's name though.