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Aug 25, 2008 07:40 AM

ISO Sellerie Root

Good morning,
I am looking for Sellerie Root and was hoping for some reccomendations where I could find it in NoVA or DC.
If you don't know what sellerie root is (or if you call it something else), it is a stringy bulb or a slightly sweet vegetable that has a similar color and texture to Jicama. It is used extensively in Germany (and other european countries) in fruit salads and in spreads and such. someone help!

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  1. Celery Root

    It can be found in many larger stores. Harris Teeters and Whole Foods normally have it. But I found out that it is somewhat seasonal. I don't like Harris Teeter because they feel the need to wet down their produce for some odd reason, and that promotes microbial and mold growth, and it doesn't last as long once you get it home.

    I also found celery root at a reasonable price at the asian grocery store (El Grande International -- might be the name or close) at a shopping center at Gallows Road and Rte 50 right outside the beltway (falls church--fairfax area).

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    1. re: MartinDC

      Pureed with leeks and chicken or veggie stock, it makes great soup. Safeway will have it from time to does seem to be seasonal.

      By the way, my local Safeway wets down even some plastic-bagged produce (e.g., carrots, celery hearts) or new potatoes in their little clear plastic boxes. The produce dept guys say the misting keeps the stuff from getting dry; I think it just makes it rot faster.

      1. re: Gonzocook

        a Safeway in SF (upper Market) makes an event out of wetting the produce with a tape loop of thunder and strobe lighting.

        anyway most shoppers are there for that days goods, maybe 2 so it doesn't really matter.

        there's a pointless story behind it, but not really relevant. but a nice show while browsing the bitter greens.

      1. re: Jamonportodos

        You'll find celeriac at local farmer's markets in the fall.

      2. I found celery root in Wegman's a couple of weeks ago. The Wegman's in Fairfax, that is.