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Aug 25, 2008 07:03 AM

DC/No. Va Chinese food

Hi all, I grew up in the Boston Area and they have a distinct flavor of Chinese food that I haven't found in any area I have lived since..Atlanta, L.A. Chicago...I now live in the No. Va area and was wondering if anyone knows any restaurants that may fit the bill. thanks

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  1. What is the distinct flavor of chinese food in Boston? Many of us here will be unfamiliar with it. If you describe what you like, maybe others will make suggestions.

    If you like Sichuan as authentic as it gets here in the states, try Hong Kong Palace in Seven Corners. Search on the name and you'll find plenty written about it. Trivia: The restaurant is really called "Chengdu", as evidence of the 2 chinese characters in its sign, tipping off to the Chinese that its Sichuan cuisine.

    1. You'll have to define what you mean by that distinct flavor, but you'll find that the Washington DC suburbs have the most authentic of the Chinese cuisines around here.