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Aug 25, 2008 07:02 AM

DC/No. Va Chinese food

Hi all, I grew up in the Boston Area and they have a distinct flavor of Chinese food that I haven't found in any area I have lived since..Atlanta, L.A. Chicago...I now live in the No. Va area and was wondering if anyone knows any restaurants that may fit the bill. thanks

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  1. There are many good Chinese restaurants in NoVa, so I think you'll be happy. But, NoVa is a huge area...what area are you interested in??

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      Also, what's the characteristic of Boston-area Chinese that you're looking for? Most of us probably don't know offhand what Boston Chinese tastes like, but if you can describe it, we can probably make a good guess at what might be close.

    2.'re from Southie? Well...growing up in the Boston 'burbs the type of Chinese food most commonly found back then was Cantonese. Is that what you mean?