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Aug 25, 2008 06:46 AM

mozzarella in fridge - how long?

This is one of those gigantic (32 oz) packages of Precious low-moisture part skim mozzarella cheeses. I bought it when I had planned to make several lasagnas then ended up not making all of them and forgot about it. I honestly can't remember how long it's been there - maybe 4-5 or more weeks. I cut into it, then put the whole thing in a sealed ziploc (still in the original Precious plastic packaging.) It looks fine - when it goes bad, will I see visible mold? Can I freeze it now, or would that be a bad idea? Thanks!

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  1. Yes cheese can be frozen. It can change the texture a little depending on the type of cheese. I frequently buy large chunks of Parmigiana and break it down into manageable chunks package separately and freeze what I'm not going to use immediately. As far as going bad, if I see mold I cut it off and transfer what is left into a fresh container. This was how I was taught but I'd like the food safety experts to pipe up now.

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      I always just cut visible mold off hard cheese but I wondered if mozzarella is different since it's soft.

    2. My approach is that cheeses last for years. I have a soft Oaxaca cheese that's well over a year, wrapped in paper towels in a ziplock. It recently developed a blue mold just like in a bleu cheese. It is delicious, now more complex and sharp. My Pec Rom and Parm Reg blocks are even older. Always good.

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        Wow Sam - you are a far more adventurous cook than I am! I tend to get timid about stuff like that. Be careful --- though I must say you do sound like you know what you are doing;-)