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Aug 25, 2008 06:27 AM

Charlotte, yet again, this time pizza

Is there a good pizza place in Charlotte which will deliver to the Westin Downtown? Or a good place to pick up (or even better yet delivered) fried chicken close by?

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  1. Fuel is across the street on College, but it's open for debate on whether it's good or not.

    If you're getting your chicken during the day, ride the light rail into the South End district and go to Price's Chick. Coop. Sorry, don't remember which stop - Bland St. maybe? If at night, take the rail north and get it at Mert's on College and 6th.

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    1. re: pinogirl14

      I think the stop is Park Avenue. I would ask just to be sure. I think most anyone on the train knows where Prices is. Remember Prices is takeout only.

      1. re: Sam at Novas

        The stop on the light rail for Price's is East/West Blvd.

        Agree with both Price's or Mert's - depends on whether you want to sit down at the restaurant or not.

        For pizza from uptown, there is Brixx which is wood-fired pizza and there is an Uno's, the Chicago chain. I'd skip 'em all and take a cab to Portofino's...

        1. re: mcap

          Good call mcap. I love Portofino's pizza and their mussels are really good too. Might be the perfect way to celebrate the first day of school!

      1. Janet, just say no to Fuel Pizza. I'd suggest Hawthorne's Pizza on E. 7th St. I've heard nothing but good things about their ny style pizza. They don't deliver but it's a cool bar/hangout so it'd be a fun stop to pick up a pie and grab a drink while you wait.

        Mert's and Price's are good recs for chicken.

        Hey, how was the football game? Did you eat any good grub here?

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        1. re: lynnlato

          This is for post-game eats up in the room (we have a suite and will have about 20 people there). That is why delivery would be such a nice option, especially with post game traffic.

        2. I forgot about Intermezzo on Central. When they first opened, I heard great reviews on their pizza. Can anyone confirm?

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          1. re: pinogirl14

            Hawthorne's is good... I also really like Moondog's Pizza. There is one in NoDa and one in Cotswald (neighborhoods) - both about 10 minutes from Westin. They might deliver; not sure. You should call and ask. They used to be Mellow Mushrooms but I think the owner sold and opened his own places.

            1. re: pinogirl14

              I'd also recommend the pizza at Intermezzo. Personally, I prefer it to Hawthornes, although I think Hawthornes is fine. Intermezzo also has some great dishes from their Serbian homeland. A link to a review is here:


              I don't know if they deliver, though.

            2. Don't listen to the Fuel hate - if you order your pizza from the place across the street it should still be poppin' fresh when it arrives. You don't really have any other options. It might not be pure NY but it's always been decent for me when I've had it delivered. The by-the-slice stuff that they reheat not so much.

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              1. re: avad

                I think that is what we are going to go with. This is a football event, not a Chowhound event. We will be "not quite sober" at best and stinkin' drunk at worst and will need food....and need it to be delivered.

                1. re: Janet from Richmond

                  Check out their menu on line...they also have wings, not fried chicken but a good contrast to pizza and great football/drunk food...

                2. re: avad

                  I will say avad makes a good point on a whole fresh pizza vs a reheated slice.

                  In your case Janet it will serve just fine, and Fuel beats the hell out of Dominos or Papa Johns....

                  1. re: mcap

                    I confess I have a guilty pleasure and it is the spinach tomato and ricotta pizza with frickin ranch and texas pete.

                    1. re: avad

                      And the meatball pizza isn't bad either. Ask them to cook it well done.

                      Have fun, Janet!!