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Aug 25, 2008 06:24 AM

Rockefeller Center--ice rink

We're going to NYC in October for our 40th.I re-call that there was a restaurant set up where the ice rink is when its cold.Can anyone tell me the name,and whether its open on Oct.We're just going for the ambience and as long as the food is OK and not overpriced that'd be fine.thanks

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  1. There is the Rink Bar currently and I think by October it should be back to a skating rink, but it is the same restaurant group that operates the Sea Grill (and its next door neighbor Rock Center Cafe) which is indoors but looks out on the rink. It is a great place to have an anniversary dinner and you can try to reserve a window table rinkside. Both Sea Grill and Rock Center Cafe operate year round.

    1. The Sea Grill and Rock Center Cafe are on opposite sides of the rink area. As the name suggests, RCC is a casual venue and is also family-friendly. The Sea Grill is more upscale and, I think, better suited to a special occasion. Long-time chef Ed Brown left last year to open his own place, and I've not heard anything about his replacement. I haven't eaten there in ages, so I can't say anything about the current quality of the cuisine. No doubt there is far superior dining to be had in Manhattan; however, the food never gets the kind of dissing the food at Tavern on the Green and One If By Land receives. It's probably safe to say your meal at The Sea Grill will be at least decent.

      Happy Anniversary and Bon Appetit!

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        I hasten to add that I have not been to the Sea Grill since the new chef, but have always enjoyed the food and overall experience in the past. I think it is a lovely, romantic setting -- perfect for an anniversary. A notable exception to the good view = bad food equation, as RGR suggests with Tavern on the Green and One If By Land. But you may want to check the most recent reviews.

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          The Sea Grill is indeed decent. Not great, but not terrible either. Service was quite good (especially since a couple we were dining with split everything and the kitchen plated it all onto two plates), as was bread service (rolls were warm, always a nice touch) and dessert (great key lime pie!) but the appetizers and entrees left a little to be desired on my visit a few weeks ago. A ceviche appetizer was unbalanced by too much cilantro. My diver scallops a la plancha were slightly overcooked. There was a bit too much filler in the crab cakes. The fried portabello mushrooms were quite tasty. Decent, but nothing to write home about.

        2. thanks so much for the great info--we're doing top of the rock first and then go to dinner.Ill call and see if I can get them to give us a rinkside table--any comments on how to assure those seats,eg a tip for the maitre di,would be appreciated--bob

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            I have never tipped for that, perhaps others can advise, but letting them know you have picked it as your special place to celebrate your 40th anniversary should definitely help!

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              good point--ill do that when i call them.Guess Im at the age where i can remember tipping the guy at the Copa whenver i wanted a good table 40 years ago,and it was actually a place you could get a good meal.--bob