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Aug 25, 2008 05:45 AM

Going to Capital Grille this weekend

Will be going to Capital Grille for the first time this weekend. Are there any "must try" dishes or ones to avoid? How are the truffle fries?

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  1. They have the most amazing calamari appetizer.

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      i seond the calamari, but it is a bit spicy so be forewarned!

    2. I on the other hand, would rather go for the crabcakes generously laced with lobster, followed by a wedge with blue cheese, a dry aged NY strip medium rare, and the potatoes au gratin. The K syrah from the reserve wine list will do nicely, thanks. Oh, and a cup of coffee as there should not be room for dessert.

      1. Must try -
        Stoli Doli - martini made with vodka that is marinated in pineapple

        Silver Oak Cabernet - Napa or Alexander Valley depending on your budget

        Calamari - Its Rhode Island style so it has a kick from the hot peppers

        Porcini Rubbed Delmonico with Aged Balsamic - this steak is amazing. The Kona Crusted Sirloin is good too. Also, you should be able to have any cut of steak cooked in these styles if ribeye or sirloin is not your thing.

        Lobster Mac 'n Cheese - Not the healthiest side dish but the only one worth filling up on!

        The desserts aren't really "amazing" but the Key Lime Pie is really good.

        Lobster Bisque is also good with a lot of meat if you don't mind filling up on soup!

        Let me know what you think! I've suggested these items to several friends lately and they loved them.

        1. I cannot go to Capital Grille without getting a wedge salad and Stoli Doli cocktail. The crab salad appetizer is usually very good and the specials are often excellent. Whenever we go with my sister and brother in law, my sister and I split a Porterhouse steak. That way both get some filet & strip. Plus it leaves us room for the yummy sides.

          1. So how was it? I was in the Providence location that weekend!

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              It was "okay". I'm glad I went but would not go back. We did have great service and fabulous wine. The food was good but nothing special.