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Aug 25, 2008 04:47 AM

New Pho???

I was celebrating buying gas at 3-41 a gallon yesterday (how sad is that?) and had a Pho craving so I headed out to Pho #1. Kenny was immediately at the table with a shot glass with an ice cube in it. He knows I drink, but it was 10:30am! He said it was new to the restaurant...Vietnamese coffee. He said he had doctored it with a bit of chocolate...and wow it was delicious! I love how he is so hospitable.
Of course the rare beef and brisket pho was delish...I was smart and ordered the regular bowl this time. He said he was so thankful to everyone who had made his restaurant a success...and would probably be opening another next year! I pressed him for a location but he wouldn't budge...I just hope it is closer to downtown as I live quite far away from the Catonsville location!
Potential good news for this Pho fan...

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  1. I hope they the new place will be close to downtown. I take the bus all the way from overlea for their pho.

    1. I wish to God he'd open another location in Hampden, we are sorely lacking in ethnic food and I LOVE pho!

      1. Very interesting news indeed.

        On my last visit, I asked if Pho #1 would also include banh mi in their name, and start serving them, but no luck....But, wouldn't it be fantastic if they opened in town!