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Aug 25, 2008 04:25 AM

Birthday Dinner...Help!

My birthday is this weekend, and we are going to start off by seeing a movie at the Innwood Theatre. Near Dallas Tollway and Lovers. I'd like to eat just about sister is a chicken fingers only type teenager. But I'm willing to push her palate. = )

Do you all know of any good places to eat near the theater??

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  1. Celebration - Homestyle Meals
    Bijoux - French inspired, high end
    Breadwinners - I don't know how to classify this one.
    Rafa's - TexMex
    Cantina Laredo - TexMex
    Mango Thai- Thai
    Chip's - Burgers
    Shin Sei - Asian Fusion/Sushi
    Campisis - Italian
    Fieside Pies - Pizzas

    There are literally tons of choices in that area.

    1. sullivan's has steak and family style sides, not too prices for a steakhouse and steaks are pretty good. it's more up toward addison on the dallas tollway though


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        Sullivans is no where near that area.

        1. re: MarcusB

          "it's more up toward addison on the dallas tollway though"

          i mentioned that in my post, but if he's willing to drive to appease his sister...

      2. There is a really fun place called Rise right in that shopping center. I had my birthday there and it was really fun. They specialize in souffle's it's really good food.