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Aug 24, 2008 11:42 PM

Duplicate posts

Is there any way to delete a duplicate post. Every now and then I'll make a post and even though I only hit the button once. It will get posted two or three times. Why can't there be a delete button as well as an edit button?

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  1. There isn't a way for posters to remove duplicate posts. However, if you use the report function to report your duplicates to us (just choose any of the options and note in the comment that it's a duplicate) and we'll remove them for you.


    1. If you do have a duplicate and want to keep anyone from posting to both then just remove all of the content and the title and leave it basically blank, (the title section will read "title"). That way you won't have two of the same posts with replies until the Mod's can remove the dupe.

      1. Whenever I see duplicate or even triplicate posts, rather than wait for the moderators to find it, I use the report button, mark it as spam and in the comment box leave a note that says "duplicate post". I think the mods have enough to deal with without always having to look for stuff like that.