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Aug 24, 2008 10:06 PM

Lemon Tarts in TO

I'm looking for a really great lemon tart downtown. I've tried a couple of yummy ones in the distillery district, but I'd like to try some elsewhere to find the best ;)

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  1. Celestin has a full-sized pie (as opposed to a personal-sized tart) that's pretty much my favourite dessert ever, though it's rather pricey.

    1. patachou does a very nice lemon tart, as does bonjour brioche - the filling is tart with just a hint of sweetness and the pastry is light and crisp.

      1. Two suggestions with very different styles:

        - Bonjour Brioche on Queen
        - Sweet Indulgences on Coxwell

        1. I really like the ones at Wagamama at the corner of King/Tecumseth.
          They only make a few each day so call ahead to order, or get there early!

          1. I've heard great things about the desserts at Gilead Cafe though I've never tried.. They have a large lemon custard tart for $3.95.