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Aug 24, 2008 08:54 PM

Northampton - Casual

Staying overnight in Northampton to drop kid off at school.

Suggestions for a nice, relaxed, neighborhood place - any cuisine, would be appreciated.

Also, would like to know a place where we can get a nice pot of tea,

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  1. Try Paul and Elizabeth's, very casual, tasty vegetarian food. It's a real slice of Northampton culture, as well.

    1. Tea: Haymarket, on Main St. roughly across from Thorne's.

      1. Northampton Coffee is my favorite place for tea in Northampton.
        They are located at 296 Pleasant Street.

        A menu of their teas here:

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          Thanks. One of the few places in Noho I've never tried. Looks good!

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            both haymarket and northampton coffee are worth a visit.

            amanouz (french/morrocan) is worth a visit for a tasty casual meal.

            not what you asked for, but the dirty truth, though noisy, has an amazing beer selection.

          2. Green Bean for bkfst and lunch. Great eggs, veggie choices, good coffee & friendly service. Or, if you have a car, and want to drive, Esselon Cafe is a short distance away (couple of minutes) on rte 9 I believe. Much more space than Green Bean and nice outdoor space too, great coffee that is brewed there and well prepared food. They serve dinner Tues-Sunday night.

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              Sadly Green Bean seems to have gone downhill since it opened. Esselon was good but kind of loud.

              There's also Woodstar on Masonic in NoHo but I've always disliked the general attitude there...maybe not just relegated to staff, some of the customers, too. But their pastries and coffee were pretty good.

            2. Also meant to mention that for a "neighborhood" type place, old school style, and inexpensive, there's Joe's Pizza. Cracked vinyl booths, old-timer bar, can get crowded at times, but nice spicy pizza sauce, friendly service. 33 Market Street, go under the bridge on Main and take a left.

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                Joe's is a great local place. Their homemade fried mozzarella is great. Also love the Spanish style mussels and blackened scallop salad.

                1. re: caughtstars

                  joe's is worth a visit, more for culture than food (not to malign the food..)