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What to order at Lupa

Going for the first time—just two of us for dinner. What should we order?

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  1. Trout with roasted pears and radicchio. The date dessert. If it wasn't so noisy and was easier to get a reservation we might go more often.

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    1. Bucatini. Yum. I would also go heavy on the antipasti. They're always delicious. Enjoy!

      1. I would not do the tripe, I found it ordinary. If they happen to have orichette sweet sausage and brochilli rabe as a special, get that. It was awesome.

        1. Don't order the hunk of pork shoulder with the weird rose petal glassato that looks like a turd on a plate.


          1. Head cheese (testa), tripe, octopus, gnocchi, amatriciana, saltimbocca, trout, duck(only on tuesday, I think), tartufo.

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              rrems, how was your trout prepared? We had the trout with roasted pears and radicchio . . . so good.

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                I can't recall, but I don't think it was with pears, just remember it being very good.

            2. the gnocchi is really, really well made. i like the pork shoulder that peter says is served with a rose turd, actually. and a lot of people like the saltimbocca. it's not my favorite dish, so i can't really tell you how good it is.

              if the crispy brussel sprouts are still on the menu, those are good...

              in general, i like almost everything batali does with unusual body parts (like tongue).

              and save room for the cheese plate. it's actually been a while since i've had it, but i remember it being pretty good.

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                Actually, it's the hunk of meat that looks like a turd. The rose flavoring is the weird element.

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                  demerits for the dangling modifier. ;)

                  i was having difficulty remembering where exactly on the plate the rose turd was -- thanks for clearing that up!

                  but back to the pork shoulder... it may be completely unaesthetic, but it tastes absolutely great.

              2. I really, really love the cacio e pepe.

                1. Just went this week. There were 4 of us and we ordered some antipasti & 4 pastas. The carne were great as always. The kirby cucumbers antipasti special was fantastic. Everyone agreed the best pasta was the zucchini cappellacci with mint. The pappardelle special with pork ragu was also a hit at the table.

                  1. i wrote a review a few weeks ago
                    check it out by doing search

                    without a doubt always order the bucitini
                    and the special pasta of the day

                    make sure your whole party is there as they won't seat you even if you tell them you will order a very expensive bottle of wine. no way no how never exceptable. it def affected my experience there as i had a pregnant friend with me (and a late friend)

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                      Checking back in, we had a nice meal. Was a younger crowd than I expected. We had the house-made coppa, which was quite good, and ordered a nice bottle of wine recommended by the waiter. ($38). The bucatini all' amatriciana was fabulous—the warmth/heat of the sauce, great guanciale, just a great dish (though I was suprised HOW al dente the pasta was!) The ricotta gnocchi was good but not mind blowing at all. To be honest, I wouldn't necessarily rate this experience much higher than our normal trips to Frankies Spuntino on Clinton or Court st...but fun to try a place I'd heard so much about.

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                        oh, i totally disagree a about the pork shoulder with rose petal glassato. it's different and i think totally delicious! usually very succulent and delicious, imo. but, it's not on the menu anymore anyway.

                        the veg. sides are delicious. most of the pastas are good, but i have to say that at least 35% of the time they are not al dente--they are way undercooked. i have had the bucitini where it was so firm inside there was a crunch. not good. but the flavorings for pretty much everything--sauces, etc, are on point. i like frankies sputino myself, but good god, just in terms of the food for what it is, i think frankies is a four compared to lupa at eight, at least...