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Aug 24, 2008 07:40 PM

Any rec's for Fall trip to Door County [WI]?

Going up there in October for my anniversary. Would love any recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Staying in Sturgeon Bay, but any place on the peninsula is fine. Thank you

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  1. For a anniversary dinner I would suggest The Whistling Swan.
    I like The Cookery in Fish Creek for breakfast and lunch. Summer Kitchen in Eprhaim is a favorite for breakfast/lunch.
    The Sister Bay Bowl has an excellent broasted chicken dinner. I also like the Greenwood Supper Club for the Wisconsin Supper Club experience.
    I'm not a fan of the fish boil but that is a Door County experience not to miss. The White Gull Inn has a good one.
    The Inn at Kristopher's is right across from the bay in Sister Bay, a wonderful view while having dinner.

    1. I love Door County and try to go as often as possible. Here are some of my favorites.
      Egg Harbor:
      Village Cafe (B, L and D)-my very fave breakfast
      Casey's-good hamburgers
      Fish Creek:
      White Gull Inn-(B, L and D)
      I was there in June and the Cookery had had a fire. I think it won't reopen until next year.
      C and C Supper Club
      Gilbraltar Grill
      Wilson's-ice cream place, but also serves okay food
      Sister Bay:
      Mission Grille
      Al Johnson's for the goats on the roof
      JJs/La Puerta

      That's all I can think of now. I wish I were going with you.

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        FYI - JJ's/ La Puerta had a kitchen fire last week but JJ just opened another location in Jacksonport.

      2. Last year, my husband & I celebrated our first anniversary with a long weekend trip to Door County - you'll have a fun time! The places that stood out to me were:

        The Waterfront in Sister Bay - Excellent dinner, great wine & port and nice views. This was our anniversary dinner spot & oddly enough the couple next to us was also celebrating their first. Seems to be a theme....

        Shipwrecked Brewery in Egg Harbor - Standard greasy pub food, but good. The treat was their own beer sampler and unless you have a very strong constitution, I'd recommend sharing - it's a lot of beer! You can purchase the ones you like to take home, too.

        Simon Creek Winery in Jacksonport - Dynamite cab franc - love, love, love this! And of course, they have other great wines too. Seriously though, the cab franc.....

        And I agree with previous posters about Mission Grille - also good.

        Have a great trip!

        Shipwrecked Restaurant & Brewery
        7791 Egg Harbor Rd, Egg Harbor, WI

          1. I was just in Door County two weekends ago for a birthday party at Glidden Lodge outside of Sturgeon Bay. Beautiful, right on the lake and good food.