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Aug 24, 2008 07:24 PM

New Kosher Restaurants on Main Street (Kew Garden Hills)

We just returned from Main Stree tand found that three new eateries opened on Main Street between 71 Rd and 72 Avenue (the block that Shimon's Pizza and Max and Mina's Ice Cream are on.) One is a kosher Thai restaurant -- Mai Thai Glatt -- apparently the first glatt Thai food in NYC according to their menu. It must have just opened since the resutarant's sign wasn't even up yet and the resturant was a bit dingy but the food was good. They have Pad Thai and various rice dishes as well as grills and Satays. They also have falafel and burgers. We got the pineapple rice and the PadThai to go and it was delicous. Reasonable prices.
There is also a new meat restuarant called the Sandwich Bar. They have deli sandwiches and also shnitzel, which is offered Shnitizi style -- you order the type of breading you want and they fry the cutlet fresh for you and then you choose your toppings and sauce (pickles, lettuce, garlic mayo, bbq sauce etc.) for the sandwich. The shnitzel sandwiches were $9 for an approx footlong sandwich. Much better and with more meat than the kosher Subway that opened a few blocks away. The challenge is that there are only 2 counters, with 4 seats each inside the restaurant and a tiny table outside.
There is also a new Israeli restaurant that we did not try. Looked like it has borekas and eggs etc.

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  1. Thanks for the report! I saw there were a few new kosher restaurants on Union Tunrpike as well. Anyone been there?

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      I've been to the Blooming Cafe and the food was very good. It's like a smaller version of Cafe Muscat down the block but with a more limited menu. The coffee is so-so, the salads and sandwiches very good. During the 9 days, they served some delicious fish dishes and I hope they keep those on the menu. Service is ok, but the seating area is small -- I'd estimate there's seating for around 25-30 people.

      There are signs up for other new restaurants on Union Turnpike. One is a Turkish place and the other looks like a takeout shwarma/falafel place.

      Also, Skewer's (next door to Benny's pizza) has started a sidewalk stand and is serving some fantastic shwarma and kebabs.

    2. There was once a Glatt kosher Thai restaurant in Brooklyn which opened about 7-8 years ago and that didn't last too long. It was on Coney Island between J & K, next door to where Cafe Venezia is today.

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        I stopped by a few days ago by the Thai place and had the Pad Thai, it was pretty decent and had nice spice to it. The prices were reasonable with an average size menu. It will mostly be takeout as there are only 3 tables inside.

        Had sandwich bar when they first opened and it was decent as well. About 8 diff't schnitzel sandwiches and a few deli sandwiches that they will put in a Panini press for you. Again, decent prices, mostly takeout since they only have a bar with a few stools.

        Nice to see something diff't other than Pizza or your typical Milchig place.

        1. re: JS69

          The variety is nice. It will be interesting to see if all of these places survive. It would be beneficial for them to deliver. (We asked about delivery to Forest Hills at the Thai place and they were not sure they would go that far.) Many years ago there was a service similar to Seamless Web where you could order kosher food from different restaurants (mostly from Kew Garden Hills but they even wents to the Lower East Side) and they would pick it up and deliver it to you. I wish there was something like that again.

          1. re: flo220

            glad to to see a different cuisine in the area. tried it. Satay chicken was good. also had the pad thai.salad, corn, and rice came with the satay- nothing special to any of it- need to make it more THAI. although I specifically requested very little oil, the pad thai was too oily. they need to add more selection to their menu, once they are more established. I do wish them success.may be in the future they can become less fast food- like.

            1. re: WillieWillie

              Just got take out from the thai place

              I have to say I was really excited, 1- for there finally to be something new and 2- for a kosher Thai restaurant.

              With that, I was pretty disappointed, nothing tasted remotely fresh, except the corn on the cob. The sesame chicken we ordered was really really overcooked, to the point that when my friend picked up a piece by hand to put on his plate it actually broke in half, I've never seen that happen before. The beef satay was both really really tough and weirdly chewy (I'm thinking it was meat meant to be look cooked, that they grilled) and in a really small potion. I was initially annoyed about the small portion, bc it literally equated measurewise to like 1/3 of a kabob worth of meat, but when we realized it was barely chewable, we didn't really care.

              Understand, I was excited when I walked in, to the point that I immediately pocketed 2 takeout menus for future on my way home from work consumption and even more excited by the great food scents.

              Man, what a crash

              I guess we';re gonna have to go back to shwarma at grill point again, I was really excited about the potential change

              1. re: shoelace

                My wife and I went to the new Thai place on Main Street and had a completely different experience. The food was fresh and delicious. We shared an Ahi Tuna Salad to start with. The fish was delicious and the salad with a ginger dressing was great. Then we had the Pad Thai (noodles with beef and chicken) and the Thai Basil Beef. The flavors were just bursting. Even the Thai fried rice was great with unique flavors. We are looking forward to a return trip even with the commute from Bayswater. I recommend the place although I caution that the sitdown is limited and fast foodish.

            2. re: flo220

              Both Pita Hot and Dougie's deliver to forest hills......

        2. Several in our family have been to the Thai place, and the food is certainly different than the Chinese places, its very similar. The big problem is that they dont explain the food to you, or tell you the difference between one dish and the other. They spend a lot of time with each other behind the couinter, and we noticed that their friends get special service. If they keep that up, they wont last.

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          1. re: gmal1


            soiunds like a description of most restaurants in kgh right when they open

            it's not till like 6 months in that they finally have normal staff

            i however didnt have that issue

            i didnt grow up keeping kosher, i know what thai is supposed to taste like, and this wasn't even in the same borough

            1. re: shoelace

              I always like to try new places so I ate at the Thai place . It is is a fast food type of place. Its food is oily. I have no desire to go back to give it a second chance.