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8lb picnic shoulder

i have no idea what to do with this beast.... all suggestions welcome. I have a 6 qt slow cooker....if it fits, any good suggestions for it?

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  1. Thin sliced picnic shoulder is great for Korean grilled spicy pork dishes.

    1. I'd cut it in half or fourths, freeze it until fall or winter and make split pea soup.

      1. I'd brown it, then braise it (I don't have a slow cooker, but it would probably work) in some subtle flavorings, like broth, wine, garlic, bay leaves. When it's done, after several hours, it should shred easily. You can then use the meat in all sorts of treatments, from suping up the cooking broth with some cider and apple jelly to make a sweet sauce to heating some of the meat with barbeque or enchilada sauce. If you get creative, you'll have lots of different meals without anyone knowing it. Plus, when the meat is in liquid or sauce, it'll freeze well.

        1. If you can grind it you could make sausages with some of it. Add some salt and pepper and garlic and form into patties. Nice for breakfast.
          There are other sausage options too.

          Put it in a slow cooker (If it fits), add a bit of bbq sauce and let it go for a while. Remove and shred the meat for pulled pork sandwiches.

          Split in half and do both.


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            I can grind it....can you give me more options re: other sausage options?

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              Hopefully this will be enough.

              I make the JD clone recipe and it's great. I sub savoury for MSG and it works just fine.


          2. Epicurious has a great recipe for 6 Hour Pork Roast that would work great with that shoulder. Invite a bunch of friends over for a feast.

            1. Stuff it with garlic, marinate it with mojo and cook low and slow. The slow cooker is perfect.

              1. does anyone have any idea how long this will take to cook in a crock?

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                  last time i did it this way i cooked it for 8 hours on low (overnight), then set the cooker to "warm" (lower than low) and let it go most of the day. it turned out great (just make sure it doesnt dry out)

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                    I have done this many times, although with somewhat smaller pieces. I marinate it and stuff it with garlic and herbs and cook it in the slow cooker with NO liquid on slow. It will make its own liquid. You should check it after 6-7 hours so it doesn't get too mushy.

                2. we've cooked it Puerto Rican style but on the grill in an aluminum pan rather than in the oven. lots of garlic, adobo, and orange juice...possibly a little rum...score the fat and just let it get nice and crispy, and the meat will fall off after several hours.

                  1. great roasted: score the skin to let the fat run, then cook it at 325 to a temp of about 155, raise the oven to 450 to crisp the skin and finish the cooking.