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Aug 24, 2008 05:25 PM

Bayville, NJ

Hi my family and I just moved to Bayville, NJ. We're wondering if there are any good restaurants in Bayville or near by. And is there a good Chinese take away in Bayville?
Thanks so much

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  1. My favorite pizza around is in Bayville at the Shady Rest on Rt. 9. Ask for the thin crust well done. They have a real good cheese combination and a crispy crust.
    For some good italian (not the same old pizza place slop) you'll have to go south to Forked River. Il Giardino Sul Mare is very good. I really like their fried calamari, and fried zucchini appetizers. While most every entree I've tried is good, I like some of their pork dishes best. They have a liquor license.
    I tried Martell's, on the bay, recently after having bad experiences there. I hadn't been there for over two years. I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone really enjoyed their meal. We went on a Friday night, which is prime rib night. I had a large delicious piece that I could not finish. I also had the crab and asparagus soup which me and my father-in-law thought was great. The bay view added to a very nice evening.
    For a casual meal you can always try the Anchor Inn in Ocean Gate. I've had some pretty good steaks there and their pizza is good too.
    I'm not familiar with the Chinese restaurants in Bayville.

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      Thanks so much for posting this info! We're going to try Shady Rest tonight.
      Thanks again

      1. I have been to 3 different places in bayville, all of which not worth the cyber-ink. A resident of Beachwood myself, its tough down here! but a few good ones I have found....
        Nobi for Sushi, El Familiar for Colombian/Mexican, Bistro 44 for "new American", and Tang Dynasty(see recent post). All of which are in Toms River, but a short trip nonetheless.
        Further down rt 9 i did find a taco "truck" and a bbq place(post for both coming soon) in the forked river area. Of course, The German Butcher in Forked River is great!

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        1. re: chefMD

          chefMD....sounds like a fellow sushi fan. I recently went to Osaka at the Barnegat location (Aug 16th) I found the sushi pretty adequate and the special of Scallop( Sushi), OMG the best I ever had. Any recent visits by you?

          I am in Manahawkin and find "local" dining pretty sparse foodie wise. Now, I am Local-in-hiding-while-summer-people-are-here mode. Hurricane House moved to Tuckerton and I had one great visit before that location became one clogged traffic jam. Anyplace you can add?

          1. re: Quine

            Its been a few years but I remember getting some very good pizza at Francesco's Pizza off of Rt 72 in Manahawkin.
            Just wondering if its still good.

            1. re: tom246

              Yes, Francesco's is still pretty good. Pricey, but good.

            2. re: Quine

              never been to osaka. the one time i tried another sushi place (shogun@bea lea?) i was sorry i ever cheated on george and the gang at nobi. go to nobi, sit at the bar, get to know george and they will take great care of you.
              quite embarrasing, but i had to think about where manahawkin is. i don't think i've ever been there(obviously not a local, hehe).

              1. re: chefMD

                Mike - You didn't enjoy Shogun? I think the sushi there is at least the equal of Nobi.

                1. re: bgut1

         service was terrible, the guys behind the bar had no idea( or at least played that way) when i asked about ankimo, giant clam, amaebi, etc.. while they offered a gratis first course of "white tuna" a.k.a. escolar which i wouldn't eat raw or cooked normally. the oysters were shucked by an amateur and the sushi/sashimi was just ok. not nearly good enough to make me go back.
                  maybe because they know us at nobi?
                  the service from the first time at nobi was WAY better in retrospect. i'll give shogun a nod for ambiance and booze but thats about it.
                  nobi is not the best sushi i have ever had, but its stellar food compared to most what i have had in ALL restaurants here and service i find very sincere.
                  then again, i go there often and spend freely. heck, i even have a bottle of hanger one for the boys next time i go.....

                  1. re: chefMD

                    chef - Thanks for the explanation as well as enlightening me about escolar. I assume you don't eat it due to its "laxative" effect.

            3. re: chefMD

              We keep trying to get to Extreme Barbecue, having heard good things. Have you been ChefMD?

              1. re: MGZ

                Extreme BBQ is worth trying. Very good ribs, brisket, pork etc. Nice smoke ring, good flavor. The beans were very good too. My only disappointment was the onion rings. Too thickly cut and too much breading.

                1. re: MGZ

                  yes i have. i must admit a "gluttonous" day starting at the german butcher, then to extreme bbq, then to a taco truck. to say i was stuffed that day would be a gross understatement.
                  you should definitely check it out. i got a sampler for 17$ ? that had brisket, pork, burnt ends, ribs, spicy and sweet sausages, chicken, chicken wings, darn good corn bread and 2 sides. all in all very good. i think i would agree with my buddy drew's asesment of the wings being the best part. sausages were great as well. i was surprised that the brisket was shredded? but good. and that corn bread...........luscious
                  a great assortment of sauces available, though mostly sweet tomato based( i liked the habanero the best, slightly fruity).
                  go see ben, its worth the trip.
                  *will have full review on my blog at some point with pics.

                  1. re: chefMD

                    Was this the HUT location near sonic?....or the new one in Friendly Bar & Grill in the shopping center.?

                    1. re: Tapas52

                      wish i could tell you, but i have no clue

                      1. re: chefMD

                        It's the 'hut', in the old Stewarts.

                      2. re: Tapas52

                        "Was this the HUT location near sonic?....or the new one in Friendly Bar & Grill in the shopping center.?"

                        I was at the Friendly Bar and Grill location

                      3. re: chefMD

                        Where is this taco truck of which you speak, and is it worth a visit?

                        1. re: newfie29

                          i want to say "mill st"? and rte 9, about halfway between german butcher and extreme bbq( sorry for poor directions, still finding my way around NJ) south bound side in a laundramat parking lot. javier was very gracious.... the tacos were very good, best tortilla i've had since soming to NJ.
                          burritos i was mixed on....
                          too much stuff like rice, beans, and cheese. would have been better without the filler. i would definitely go back, just ask for no "filler" because the rest was very good.

                          1. re: chefMD

                            Seems like that stretch of 9 in Bayville would make an excellent location for a cardiologist to set up shop!

                            1. re: MGZ

                              Does anyone know if the Taco Truck is there/open on weekends?