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Aug 24, 2008 05:10 PM

Thai/Viet in consort with GGP

one of our days in the city will have us visiting the Sunset/In.Richmond. for an afternoon in the Park (want to check out the de Young, afternoon tea at the Tea Garden, and also check out the Arboretum) which will be done 'midweek' and not the weekend.

Want to do lunch and it looks like I've come across 3 good ones. Marnee Thai on 9th (which appears to be within a block of the park) and two spots north of the Park in Richmond (on far is that from the park?): Khan Toke Thai and La Vie Viet.

They appear to suit my needs in what I'm looking for in an Asian restaurant. Does either of these 'stand out' and deserve pointed attention and a seat to dine bar none.

What mass transit does one use (multiple connects?) coming in from North Beach to reach the Park?

As always, thanks for your responses.

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  1. Only one I've been to is La Vie, which is good, but not spectacular. Also, it may be a bit far for you. ut as I said, it is good.

    1. Khan Toke was the first Thai place in SF. Its decor is or at least used to be nice as Thai places go. I haven't eaten there in years.

      Marnee is normal neighborhood Thai.