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Aug 24, 2008 04:52 PM

Coral Springs area recs - pizza

Looking for some good pizza in the Coral Springs area. Pizza Time is off my list. It used to be a favorite but was distinctively worse on a recent visit, and absolutely HORRIBLE on my last visit there.

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  1. i know this is kind of heresy because they are a chain, but we LOVE Rotelli's pizza in the Magnolia Shops on University near the Sawgrass. They have a Mon & Tues special for $6.98 large pie with the purchase of a drink! I don't like Pizza Time pizza - too heavy for me.

    1. Pasquales is really really good. There's one by the new Lefty's on Coral Ridge and Westview and one on Royal Palm and Coral Springs Drive.
      Also, in north Tamarac, just south of southgate is Ferro. We go out of the way for it. Awesome NY style :) Hope this helps...

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        I'll put Ferro on my list first. thanks!

      2. agree on pizza time. clearly getting worse over the past 3 years i have been going there. most people really like Annies but I have yet to try it.

        1. have to agree on Pizza TIme. no longer going there after three years of progressively worse pies. most people are recommending Annies Pizza these days.

          1. The only decent pizza in Coral Springs is Anthony's Coal Fired on University and Westview. I also enjoy the pizzas at Big Bear Brewery, though it's hardly a traditional pizza parlor. Otherwise, head out of town for pizza.