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Aug 24, 2008 03:04 PM

Tortas in Durham

I was wondering if any local 'Hounds have passionate opinions about tortas from the local tacquerias. I'm a regular customer of Los Comales and finally tried a Torta Cubana from them and it was great. Anybody else had positive torta experiences? I'm curious about milanesa, which is the next torta I will try.

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  1. I've had asada and barbacoa tortas from La Vaquita and both were fantastic. Not Durham but Fiesta Grill makes a fabulous torta.

    As long as they start with a fresh bolillo and decent filling meat I can't imagine a torta that isn't wonderful.

    1. Tacqueria Super further down Roxboro also makes a good torta.

      1. Costa Azul (2721 Guess Rd) has a Cubana that is pretty hot right now.

        The best torta de carne asada is pretty hotly debated. I like the one at Orellana (corner of Roxboro & Infinity) the best, but the one at Superior (2842 N. Roxboro) is also pretty good. See for a discussion on that.

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          Dang, I gotta get to Costa Azul right away.

        2. I'm fond of the tortas from Carneceria Toledo on 54 just across the railroad tracks east of 55 (RTP).