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Aug 24, 2008 02:34 PM

First and last visit to Mike & Anne's

Has anyone else had a bad experience here? My family and I decided to try Mike and Anne's for breakfast today. Usually we go to Auntie Em's but thought we would try something new. I had looked at the menu on their website and was excited to try their cornmeal pancakes with carmelized blueberries. Once we were at the restaurant, I discovered that that is no longer on their menu and has not been for awhile. We had to ask twice and wait a long time to receive water. We ordered coffee and the waiter brought a bowl with splenda and equal but no regular sugar so I had to ask and wait for that. It took about 45 min. to get our breakfast. I ordered a lemon ricotta pancake with blueberry compote, my son had french toast and my husband got cornbeef hash. My pancake was cold and mushy in the middle. I've never had a ricotta pancake so perhaps its supposed to be like that but it was gross. They forgot the blueberrry compote. The cornbeef hash was so incredibly salty like the stuff you get in the can at the grocery store. The french toast was room temperature and completely mushy in the middle. The bill was $32 which my son said was not bad, only $10 a person. I said I would rather have Frosted Mini Wheats and we could get a lot of boxes for $32. here?

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    that is my angry post from sometime ago. we didn't even get to the food part of the meal...

    1. I stopped going here for b'fast because I thought it was overpriced for the portion size. I've never had a problem with food not being cooked properly, but the service is definitely spotty.

      I went for dinner a couple weeks ago - and, while the food was excellent- the service was annoying. I was a party of 2 - sat on the patio - and was basically ignored by our server the entire time. It was ridiculous - had to wait a long time for silverware after the food was brought out, waited a very long time with finished plates in front of us (when other diners plates around us were being cleared).. I kept thinking they'd come by and pick ours up... but, no!, and then more waiting for the bill. Had we had a more attentive waitress, it would have been a pleasant experience. I've been there for dinner before and had much better service.