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Aug 24, 2008 01:53 PM

Bialetti Mukka glass cappuccino maker

Has anyone had good or bad experience with the glass mukka? Not sure if it is a WS exclusive but I read about it somewhere and see it in my new catalog.

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  1. In their web site they say it's exclusive.
    However, when I was searching for one of these online a few months ago I thought I saw it somewhere else...just can't remember the site. Sorry.

    1. Bought one last week and both my wife are very happy with it - makes a good cappuccino and is simple to use.

      From what I could tell WS has an exclusive on the glass, but they sell a polished aluminum one that is more widely available.

      Also over 200 reviews of the aluminum one on Amazon:

      As an fyi - we use it on a gas range top.

      What drove my decision to purchase it:
      Quality (both product and the end drink) - have had espresso made with bialetti before and was as good as "machines" costing hundreds more
      Size - small and doesn't take up any counter space
      Ease of use - couldn't be easier to make a frothy cappuccino


      1. I've wanted to buy one of these for awhile, but for every great review I read - I find a horrible review as well. People either seem to love them or hate them.

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          I think it's fine for people who think it's espresso, but not so much for people who can make the real thing.