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Aug 24, 2008 01:36 PM

Italian Subs

Has anyone that enjoys a great Italian Sub sandwich posted anything on this board about Tony & Mikeys Deli?Located on Army Trail Road,west of Glen Ellyn Road in Bloomingdale makes a fantastic Italian Sub!Recommended for all sub lovers.

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  1. Haven't ventured that direction for a good sub, but when we are in that area, we'll make sure to stop!! We have Frankie's Deli in the convenience center in Yorktown that makes great Italian subs & sandwiches in this neck of the woods. In addition, they have a small grocery area, with just about any type of true Italian item you may need. They even make their own giardiniere. Frankie's also offers their own frozen pastas & sauces for a quick dinner option. We've picked them up on the way home for dinner, with a bottle of vino, of course. For lunch, we usually fax our order in from our office & it's ready for pick up when we get there. I couldn't find a website, but found this on Yorktown's site.

    Frankie's Deli

    Italian deli with a vast assortment of deli sandwiches and salads. Also offers grocery items such as Italian breads, sauces, wine and more.

    The Shops at Yorktown
    Mon-Fri 9:00am-8:30pm, Sat 9:00am-5:00pm, Sun 11:00am-4:30pm

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      Thanks for the info on Frankie's Deli.Sounds like my type of deli!And they even put up their own giardiniera,what more can you ask for?Sampled most subs between Chicago and the Western burbs over the years and will have to check out Frankies for sure.Tony and Mikey's Deli /Cafe is more of a Cafe than a Deli .Their Italian sub is real Italian with premium meats and cheeses likeVopi salami,but what really got my attention was the homemade Italian Baguette bread they build this sandwich on.A good change from all that generic French or everyday run of the mill Italian bread out there.

      Tony & Mikey's Italian Deli & Cafe
      231 E Army Trail Rd (Iin Clover Leaf Plaza)
      Open at 10am,closed Sundays