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Aug 24, 2008 01:29 PM

Pho in Seattle without MSG

Little help?

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  1. sorry for the double posting - ch was doing something weird.

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    1. re: cscsman

      Pho Hoa in Issaquah claims not to use MSG. They are a franchised chain, so I would expect the ID location to be pretty much the same (but I have not asked the staff there). While not the best Pho in Seattle, it is adequate, and I give bonus points for their early openings (9 AM), making it one of my favorite breakfast joints in the city.

    2. If south, try Pho Saigon in Renton. A small family run outfit. They make natural broths, not the reconstituted stuff, so easier to get with no MSG. I'm a little prejudice though, I love this little place, and they have some Thai dishes too. It's downtown on 924 Bronson Way. You'll probably pass by Armondo's on the way.

      1. on the weekends at Monsoon during brunch, there is Pho on the menu ... it's probably the best in town & sans MSG ..

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          Pho Cyclo in Capitol Hill is the best I've had in Seattle. On Broadway.