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Aug 24, 2008 12:59 PM

When's the best time to go to Anchor and Hope

I want to take someone to Anchor and Hope for their birthday. The birthday falls on a Sunday and I see from A&H's website that they're open just in the afternoon Sundays. I've read here that A&H is often super-busy and hard to get a table at--does anyone know if Sunday is like that? Should we steer clear Sunday or should we go for it? Any Anchor and Hope aficionados know in general a good strategy for when to go to actually be able to eat without waiting forever? Thanks for your help!!!

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  1. Last time I checked (and I can't find their website) Sunday lunch at A&H was a fixed menu/time and was the only sitting that they accept bookings for.

    Otherwise, go at midday or 6:00pm and be prepared to elbow aside little old ladies and small children when they open the dining room.

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      thanks for responding--is the food the same at the Sunday lunch sitting as far as you know? small children and little old ladies...are you saying this is not the hipest of all possible times to choose to go eat at the A&H :)

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        hi, there are a few things to do:
        1) try and grab one of the tables in the bar - there are about 3 of a decent size. you can then drink there for a while and order at your leisure. but you have to get there by 6pm.
        2) The first sitting for dinner is generally full by 7pm, so arrive by 6.30/6.45 at very latest. if there's only 2 of you for dinner then you can be flexible and maybe share a table.
        3) going earlier in the week (monday to Wednesday) makes it easier to get a table. lunchtime is also good, especially saturday for a leisurely lunch.
        4) the Sunday menu is fixed and so lacks the interesting variety of the menu (the main reason to go!), so if you're first time go another time.

        However you might consider going to 32 Great Queen Street in Holborn/Covent Garden. It's run by the same people with an identical menu and you can book! So if you can't be flexible in your time, head to 32 Great Queen Street.


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          thanks for the good advise--yes I do want the variety so a Sunday fixed menu isn't the best. I'm thinking maybe this 32 Great Queen St. option might be the best...

    2. Never been on a Sunday... Based on previous experience, the best thing to do is ring them up and ask. They've always been friendly and generally they know best how things go! I hope you enjoy, I've not been for a while and as I only work 5 minutes away I really should go more often!

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        Yeah--I hope I enjoy too. I've wanted to go since I moved here but since it's pricey I've been waiting for a good excuse. Anything you particularly recommend?

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          the menu changes on a daily basis, dependent on what's available, but there's always a 'crab on toast' for starter, which is great.

          I've always thought their sharing dishes are pretty good, in particular their pies. I shared a steak pie recently which I'm still dreaming about. the shortcrust pastry is so so good!

          I would probably avoid the more mundane dishes - the terrines & hereford beef burger although good are too filling and go for a selection of interesting, unusual dishes.



      2. Just tried Anchor and Hope, we got in no problem at 6:30, shared table.
        The shared table was alright-I thought everyone would just stick top there meal but we ended up having a good conversation with the others at the table and one couldn't finish his beef with chips and beanaise sauce and insisted that we had some. We did an it was juicy and beautifully seasoned, also soft, not too chewy as rare beef sometimes is. Lovely. I like the room and having just the plain wood tables, nothing fancy.

        The roast squab with braised chicory, bacon, and damson was rich and gamey, the damson especially was a lovely, fruity complement to the meat. The sauce--I think a red wine sauce rounded it out. We tried the Hereford beef tartar as well--I wasn't as crazy about that though it was very high quality and I would think very good if that's your thing. The serrano ham with melon was, well, serrano ham with melon. Good, of course but nothing much to say there.

        Thanks for telling me when to go. The dining room was packed to bursting 15 minutes after we sat down.

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          you were there yesterday on thursday?

          so was I.......funny. we sat in the bar on a shared table as well.

          you must have ordered the last of the steak tartare!

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            Nope I was there on Wednesday--just missed you. If you'd been at my table I'd have offered you a bite of the steak tartare as everyone became quite friendly.