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Aug 24, 2008 12:56 PM

Did the media misrepresent Chinese cuisine?

During the Olympic Games from Beijing there were many side segments touching on Chinese cuisine...on the Today Show especially. Did they do a good job? All the media seemed to be interested in (Al Roker et. al.) were the kiosks selling scorpions and what we perceive to be the exotic. While it might make a good show for Zimmern or Bourdain I believe it did a disservice to China and its long tradition of regional cooking...
Am I wrong...did the media purposely try to offer this up for its shock value? There is a great deal more to Chinese cuisine than bugs and there not?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. What do you think should have been shown/covered?

      1. Dog bites man. Not news. Man bites (and eats) dog. News.

        1. The Today show is hardly hard-hitting news, it's entertainment. They seek out the zany and goofy. Anyone who relies on that show as their sole source of information isn't necessarily going to have an open mind on many topics anyway.

          1. Yes, there is a lot more to Chinese cuisine than bugs and dumplings. Personally, I think there are two sides to this- the Chinese vendors probably know that tourists are looking for something "exotic" and thus a lot of those stands will carry such things. Also, obviously, the media loves shock value and will seek those things out.