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Aug 24, 2008 12:31 PM

Waterfront dining in Cape Cod

Hi. I will be spending some time in the Eastham area Labor Day week, and am interested in any recommendations for waterfront dining. Will probably stay mostly local -- Eastham/Wellfleet/Orleans -- but will make at least one trip to Provincetown.

A few I've heard about are Mac's in Wellfleet for ultra-casual
The Bookstore also in Wellfleet though I've seen some mixed reviews of their food
In P-town, the Red Inn or The Mews or Fanizzi

Seems like there ought to be more!

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  1. We loved The Mews and Fanizzi. Red Inn is for very special.

    1. We had a fabulous meal at Ross' Grill in Provincetown tonight. I had soft shell crab and my husband had scallops. Some oysters, an arugula salad a perfect blueberry and peach pie and four great glasses of wine -- all selected by our talented bartender made us very happy folks.

      The view is wonderful and we just learned that they now take reservations even for the bar.

      1. They are only open until Monday (Labor Day), but you should try to get to The Beachcomber, right at Cahoon Hollow Beach in Wellfleet!

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          I love the "Comah"'s a beach bar...very casual...