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Aug 24, 2008 11:51 AM

Awesome adventurous foodie anniversary in Montreal?

My girlfriend and I are going to be celebrating our three year anniversary this week.
We want some recommendations for the BEST restaurants in Montreal.
Price is not an object. However, we are foodies and prefer quality over pretension (obviously).

We also would prefer something adventurous.

Your thoughts?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. re: bravura

        If you do a search of this board, you'll find plenty of recommendations. You'll probably get a better response if you narrow it down to a few choices and post again.

      2. what type of atmosphere are you looking for? type of cuisine? what's your defnition of adventurous?

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        1. re: gerbera

          For our foodie date night, we are just interested in the food. Atmosphere can be divey or prententious.

          My definition of adventurous food is bizarre, experimental cuisine. Eclectic. Frightening even?

          Think the sort of food at WD-50, in the Lower East Side. Deep fried mayonnaise cubes and deconstructed beef tongue sandwich. Foie gras and persimmons. etc.

          1. re: bravura

            Your original post had the word BEST in all caps, but as you explain adventurous later , I would not know what to recommend ; ONoir , where you dine in total darkness, would be as adventurous as I can think of in Montreal. Weird or odd such as the food you describe above or adventurous, I cannot think of one place like that so I'm looking forward to the suggestions you'll receive.

            1. re: bravura

              If WD-50 is the reference, I would say that Montreal is not the place for deconstructive/molecular gastronomy and you will not find anything in that vein worth spending big bucks on.

              A nice combination of quality and "adventure" can be found at Raza. Although Nuevo Latino is hardly avant garde in many food destinations it is about as "adventurous" as Montreal likes to get. Many people in the city may be trying to offer even more "adventurous" food but, for the most part, they are not doing it well. Mario Navarette does it well and does not get enough credit for it.

              1. re: thelonious777

                This is exactly the sort of recommendation we wanted. Thanks!
                Raza it is. Right in our neighbor hood.
                Since we both came done with stuffy noses, we have decided to postpone until we can fully appreciate. But we can't wait to try it!

              2. re: bravura

                Going to New York often leads me tot hink that you should try Au Pied de Cochon, absolutely unique to Montreal and going through that much foie gras is actually quite an adventure.

            2. I would recommend that you consider Toque,, and Le Club Chasse et Peche, They are discussed throughout the board. Toque is most like WD-50. As well, I too would urge you to try Au Pied de Cochon,, - think fois gras as comfort food. Not something one finds in NYC.