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Aug 24, 2008 11:07 AM

Disaster @ Dooby's in Mesa

Recently I attended a dinner party at Dooby's for which we had reservations. It was one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had and feel compelled to share. The service was unbelievable as it took more than 30 minutes to get to us so we could order and bring the complimentary pita bread ( served dry). About 45 minutes later they started serving our goup of 20 their entrees. It was another 45 minutes before the last person in our group was served. The chicken kabob I was served was dry and just chikcen and rice - no veggies and very bland. To be fair, I must say the small slather of hummus on the plate was tasty but by then the pita bread was totally dried up. Everyone in our group tried to be gracious to not offend the host & hostess who had planned the party. To compensate for our poor service, the manager offered to bring some complimentary wine as everyone in our group was drinking wine. They brought 1 BOTTLE OF WINE TO SERVE 18 PEOPLE!! That was another joke, one swallow per person. Then when we were finally allowed to leave this torture chamber, we had to go to the cash register while the cashier tallied your bill in her head as you verbally told her what you had ordered. Two couples had to correct her as they had a rough estimate in their head and she was $20 high ( she said the register wasn't working yet). To top this off, one person discovered the next day, their credit card had been charged 3X for their meal. Dooby was apoligizing to everyone as they left that they were in a new location and all his equipment hadn't come in yet. If they weren't equipped to entertain a large party, don't accept the reservation. NO ONE in this group will ever go back to this establishment.

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  1. You said they were in a new location. There's ALWAYS problems with a new location opening. I've been part of the crew for it, and it takes a few months to work out the kinks of a new restaurant. Go back in November and tell me how it is then.

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      I was there a month ago in their new location and got take-out - they looked barely setup for business, and probably wouldn't have sent anyone there until they got things in order. No excuses for the service issues of course, but a questionable choice for a dinner party to be sure.

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        I wonder about the propriety of a restaurant opening for business before it is ready. If there are lots of freebies or discounts, or if there are disclosures--we're in a training mode--that is one thing, but to charge your regular prices and deliver an unacceptable product is not right, and being "new" does not seem like an adequate excuse. On the other hand, maybe the answer is: don't go to new places.

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          Our one and only visit there was abysmal and that was before they moved. We've got other better places for our Med fix.

          1. re: Firenza00

            Same here. I was dumbfounded by the service and that was only compounded by reactions to my review which had people telling me that the snail's-pace service was Dooby's business model and I should have known that my dinner was going to be a long, involved evening.

      2. Where is their new location? Their web page still shows the old address.

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          About 100 yards from their old location. I'd imagine the address is the same, but the suite number is different. They now have a corner spot closer to Dobson.