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Aug 24, 2008 11:05 AM

The Rare Grill House in Peterborough - great meal!

If you happen to be in Peterborough and want a very fine meal, try The Rare Grill (166 Brock St.) It's a good room, pleasant service, delicious food, excellent price (by Toronto standards, anyway). I had the filet with garlic mash, seasonal veggies and it was excellent.

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    1. re: kawarthagirl

      I shared a tomato and goat cheese salad with my dinner companion. The tomato was too thick and grainy - clearly not a very fresh or vine-ripened one. A bit of a disappointment, really. The rest of the salad was very good. I don't recall what else was on the appetizer menu, as I was looking forward to the steak and saving room for dessert (an interesting and tasty twist on s'mores - rich creamy chocolate under a graham cracker with broiled marshmallow and chocolate sauce drizzled on top)!

    2. Had dinner at Rare the other night and it was fab. Having been in the restaurant/food business for years I am pretty picky and could find no fault with anything (well, maybe they need to work on their decaf coffee but that was it...), the food, the service, the atmosphere, the prices were all great. My husband's steak was like butter and my pheasant breast with mushroom risotto was superb. Will certainly be returning!

      1. my wife and I went there last night for the first was fantastic, atmosphere sucked big time.....small place, too many tables, hardwood floors, it was like sitting in a small school caf, having to yell to talk to my wife across the table....we both just wanted to eat and get the hell out...WAY to noisy for the price we paid.....will never go there again. Bill $150 for the two of us....

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        1. re: inaflash

          Did you say anything? I know they're pretty open to feedback... or at least they were - we haven't been in ages.

          1. re: kawarthagirl

            didn't say anything as they would have had to ask the whole place to quiet down. Went last night again, thought it might have been due to the weekend...same problem, brought our son this time...even he had to yell to talk to us...oh yeah never get the wellington rib eye, it was not good at all, price was $42 for the steak, i can say that the ribeye i had the first night which was half the price was much much better.
            we will be spending our money else where, went twice, both times way too loud, not an enjoyable dinner at all!

            1. re: inaflash

              So what are your Peterpatch favourites? We get out less now (newborn) so we haven't been to some places in a long while (Splice, Hot belly, etc...)