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Aug 24, 2008 11:03 AM

Hamilton (and area) eats

Friends just moved to Hamilton and are looking for the good eatin' places. they're specifically craving decent reasonably priced Chinese and Thai. Suggestions?

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  1. This is covered in a few other recent and recently updated threads, try searching for Hamilton and you'll find out what is available in Hamilton. Suffice it to say, names that come up regularly are:

    B&T (Thai, Vietnamese, Pho)
    Pho Dau Bo (pretty obvious from the name)
    Le Chinois (Chinese, the location on King East is the most consistent location, although I've had takeout from their Upper Wentworth/Limeridge location).
    Forbidden City (Decent Chinese and consistent takeout)
    Iron Chef Restaurant (Dim Sum)
    August 8 (Dim Sum and Sushi)
    Matsu Sushi (Dundas)
    Hoya (Korean and Sushi)

    Other foods:
    Mex-I-Can (Mexican street foods)
    La Luna (Mediterranean with a strong Lebanese focus)
    Dalinas (Egyptian)
    Karolina's (Polish)
    Chicago Style Pizza Shack (self-explanatory and some of the best "red sauce" style Italian)
    Capri (Italian)
    The Sirloin Cellar (Old school steak house)
    Slainte (Pub)

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    1. re: Mike from Hamilton

      Don't forget My Buddy's Paradise for awesome gyros; they use to be downtown but moved up the mountain. Upper Paradise Rd. & Stone Church Rd.

      Hamiltonians rave about this place!

      1. re: Mike from Hamilton

        You have to try La is my absolute favourite place to eat in Hamilton!!! The Fattoush salad is amazing :)

        I also love Denninger's - a great German deli/market that have small cafes where you can buy a schnitzel on a bun!! YUM!!!

        1. re: tomgrrrl

          Have to throw in my vote for:
          Curry Cabana - Guyanese resto with awesome rotis on King St E near Walnut

          Roti Hut - Trinidadian roti take-out at King E & Connaught

          For some bistro meals, try:

          Incognito on John St - lovely, fresh, local bistro fare in a relaxing atmosphere

          Boo's Bistro on James St S - bistro fare with a S.E. Asian twist

          Bistro Parisien - decent French bistro fare with friendly service and decent prices

          For goods to cook at home, try "Punjab Food Mart - A world of delicatessens" - literally - everything from fresh roasted coffee, to indian spices, to Bulagarian cheese!!! It's awesome! Corner of Hgwy 20 and Queenston Rd (east)

          1. re: jcanncuk

            Here's a couple of newer places that I like:
            Ya Man near King & Wellington - clean spot, well executed Caribbean food, nicely spiced with fresh, healthy preparation


            The Spotted Pig on Augusta near James St. S - pub with upscale leanings; good pulled pork sandwich, trio of sliders, decent butter tart


            1. re: jcanncuk

              is curry cubana a take-out place as well?....

          2. re: Mike from Hamilton

            I was going to Hamilton tonight to see Margaret Cho, and I so I came to this thread for some suggestions. We ended up going to Dalina's. My boyfriend had the rabbit and kosheri rice (basically lentils with tahini and fried onions) and I had "Egypt's National Dish", Foole Mudames, which is mushy fava beans. We had a great time, the service was excellent and the atmosphere was fun. Would recommend it highly. Rabbit was $20, Foole was $14

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            1. Thanks to all for your great suggestions!

              1. Tally-Ho, for roast-beef sandwiches (I always say that Tally-Ho is what Arby's wants to be when it grows up), salty gravy, and their old-school vibe.

                Can't have a Hamilton thread w/o mention of Tally-Ho!

                1. I like Pho Dau Bo for Vietnamese. For Thai, I would go to Thai Coconut in Burlington (on Fairview Street). I've tried most of the Thai restaurants in Hamilton, and they just can't compare with Thai Coconut Restaurant. I hope this helped.