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Aug 24, 2008 10:38 AM

Empire Oriental Cuisine in N. York

Went to ABC Bakary on Vic Park , north of McNicoll to try out the egg tarts that were recommended on this board. (The egg tarts were huge and fresh). I noted that that "New World" in the same mall has been replaced by Empire Oriental Cuisine. Peeked inside (full of Asian people having dim sum....with CARTS - hey markml). I talked to the hostess who indicated that they are somehow affliated with the old "New World", but I'm skeptical. Requesting reviews from anybody who has tried this restaurant. PS Printed menu fully bilingual - English/Chinese.

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  1. I tried out Empire Oriental Cuisine tonight, which was previously the New World. I went with some Chinese speaking friends and was told the Chinese name still translates to "New World" and many of the dining room staff are still the same. The decor is similar to what I remember from more than 5 years ago....I also think that diners who use to patronized the New World will find it still pretty much the same.....decent Cantonese at a mid-range price point. We had their Peking Duck special (two courses for about $17.) which quite frankly I enjoyed as much as the Peking Duck at Casa Imperial a few months ago at a much higher price. We had 5 courses total and the bill came to $88 including tip. For those who remember New World fondly, its worth a return visit.

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      Thanks for the update :)
      I passed by the restaurant yesterday, a Saturday morning, and the place seemed very busy!

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        Had chances in last 2 weeks to go twice to Empire for dim sum. Standard quality for the area I guess (meaning really good compared to downtown...except LWH), but the point I wanted to make is that the last time (today), the promotion for all lunch hours is every sized dish for $2. No indication of how long this promotion will last, but it applies now to every week-day, but not week-ends. For roughly the same amount of food, I paid about half compared to my earlier visit.