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Aug 24, 2008 10:29 AM

Japanese on Long Island

We love Japanese food. We found Maguro in Roslyn. The absolute best until they were deported. We looked far and wide for Omakase and found Sea Cliff Sushi. Now that is closed. where can we find omakase that combines great cooked food with great sushi?

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  1. Wow, Sea Cliff Sushi closed? This is one of those places that I'd always meant to try, but never got a chance to; guess I'll never have the chance, now.

    1. I've eaten sushi all over the world, including in Japan. The best I've ever had happens to be right here on Long Island. Kotobuki is easily the best, freshest and most inventive sushi anywhere. The only drawback is the long wait for a table. Somehow, it always seems worth it after dining.

      They have two locations, both of which are equally outstanding - Hauppauge (corner of 347 and 111) and Babylon (downtown Main St).

      They also have a full menu, but I just can't seem to pry myself away from the sushi :)

      There's no restaurant in any cuisine category I'd rate higher.

      1. First, I'd like to give a moment of silence for Sea Cliff Sushi, since I didn't realize it was closed, & I loved it SO much. I considered it the best on L.I. Second, it's ironic that There does happen to be one more Kotobuki, and it just happens to be exactly where Maguro used to be... in that strip mall right off 25A, in Roslyn. Kotobuki is right up there in the very good to excellent category as well.

        1. Toku in Manhasset
          Jin East in Garden City
          Cheaper: Yuki's Palette in Westbury (and now Merrick, I think).
          Nisen Sushi in Woodbury is supposed to be quite good, going tomorrow.

          1. If you want excellent, fresh, delicious sushi-- YAMAGUCHI in port washington is the place to go. I've eaten at so many sushi restaurants and Yamaguchi still takes the cake. I've been going there since I was born. It's the freshest. The toro and salmon melt in your mouth. Spicy tuna isn't my favorite-- I like Toku's in manhasset at the Americana.... however there is nothing bad at Yamaguchi. It is the best. I am seriously a HUGE fan! YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!