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Aug 24, 2008 09:53 AM

Skirt steak?? Inside or outside??

Heard a talk on the Colameco show on WOR-AM radio during which a show guest, NYC butcher Pat La Frieda, spoke of the differencews between two parts of the skirt. I believe he recommended the outer skirt. But in the Chowhound link below, the inside is recommended. Which is correct and where can I buy the correct cut in Manhattan?

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  1. I have been researching this very topic and found this link from a Texas Monthly recipe swap. If you go and read the comments, you will see a comment about someone who asked a butcher. It's closer to the bottom and right after a long post with a recipe. They recommend the outer. I think the only reason the chow ingredients recommend the inner is that you don't have to trim the silver membrane off of it. SO look at this link:

    I repeatedly saw the arrachera meat mentioned in lots of recipes. I know where to get it in Houston, but not Manhattan! Sorry.

    1. look at these photos
      The inside skirt is from the plate

      The outside is the diaphram

      Once trimmed it could be hard to tell in plastic wrap.

      1. The outside cut is recommended here:

        Absent that, they recommend a sirloin flap before the inside skirt and advise using powdered meat tenderizer if you must go with the latter.

        The outside skirt in the pics in a the previous post looks like what I usually get and cook. It is always very beefy tasting and tender.

        1. Short answer: Choice or Prime OUTSIDE skirt steak ONLY.
          Do not buy Kosher meat, it is either overly salted/soaked in salt which removes blood and most importantly FLAVOR. It may be tender but lacks flavor. You can get that in a Chinese restaurant and only taste what flavorings they put on. Try

          PS: I was in the meat business for over 40 years so do not listen to some of the "experts" you find on blogs etc.

          1. Alton Brown explains skirt steak:


            His recommendation: INSIDE skirt.