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Aug 24, 2008 09:24 AM

Ojinaga? Ft. Davis?

Any reco's appreciated on Ojinaga, Ft. Davis. Food, sights, must-do's. Native Texan forcing non-Texan to Big Bend Area for honeymoon. Help me impress him.

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    1. I have seen that you have posted a few weeks back and got a few replies and you have probably searched for Big Bend, Terlingua, Ft. Stockton, Marfa to get some recs.

      In Utopia closer to Fredricksburg than Ft. Davis. It is a straight SW shot from Fredricksburg through Kerrville. The Laurel Tree has been on several peoples radar as the destination place to go in Texas.

      I am not sure when your honeymoon is but if you drive through El Paso into NM along I-10 and from basically Canutillo up New Mexico 28 through Las Cruces and taking New Mexico 185 into Hatch is a good drive (very peaceful) and you get to see huge Hatch chile fields (can smell them roasting) and a huge pecan orchard in Santo Tomas. I was just goofing around wasting time on a day trip to El Paso when I found this side trip.

      I enjoyed the scenery, the agricultural aspect and the slow pace just about 2 or 3 miles from I-10. I was the only car on NM Hwy 28 that day for about 20 or so miles.

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        Thanks, LH! I have indeed scoured the older posts. Someone mentioned Ojinaga as a surprisingly clean and pleasant border town, so that's why I posted this. We did this drive early in our courtship, so that's why we're revisiting it for the honeymoon, since we're marrying in Fredericksburg. I had just wanted to gather any updated info in case things had changed. I'll save your reco for NM for our next trip-- to visit friends there. We had hoped to do it all for honeymoon but decided it was too much. Thanks for Utopia link. I'll check it out now.

        1. re: pickypicky

          A quick Google search turned up El Patio in Presidio....just across from Ojinaga as did Maria Bonita Cocina in Ojinaga. El Patio was actually reviewed and got positive ratings all 4 times....not sure if it is a shill situation but there are two others.

          La Rockola seems to be a Sonic knockoff in Ojinaga

          Jackpot for Ojinaga restaurants!!

          All in Ojinaga:
          Mexico Lindo

          La Poblana

          Mariscos Lalos

          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            Great links, LH. We'll pack our passports just in case we decide to head across the border. I love Piedras Negras and have visited it many times, so I'd love to show my new husband a few Mexico sites. The food may not be that much better than we get here in San Diego, but it will probably be cheaper. I'll post our experiences when we get back end of Sept.

      2. In OJ, we like Los Comales, which is near the zocalo. Lalo's is good, too. It is a nice, non-touristy border town, but they have been having a some of the problems that the rest of the border towns are having recently--stay in the well-lit places or go during the day.

        I used to live in Alpine, and we visit fairly often (still have a house there). I don't know the hot place to eat in Fort Davis--a bunch of places have gone out of business there lately. In Marfa, the Blue Javelina is great. In Alpine, try Reata for fancy, La Casita for good Mexican food, La Trattoria is good, and in Marathon, try the restaurant at the Gage Hotel. The beers good at the brewery in the Holland Hotel in Alpine, but don't eat there, unless the kitchen has changed hands lately.

        Must dos: Balmorhea for swimming, the state park in Ft. Davis for a nice hike (the Fort itself is kinda neat if you're into that sort of thing), drive around the scenic loop, visit the Observatory (or at least drive out there--the country's beautiful). Spend an evening with the Marfa Lights if you can.The drive to Presidio is great, too, as well as along the River Road to Lajitas and points west is worth doing, too. Hell, it's all pretty. I've heard they're getting a lot of rain right now, so it should be green and gorgeous.

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          thank you so much. I leave Tuesday for Texas to prepare for wedding and honeymoon. This was just in the nick o' time.

        2. "When Pigs Fly", near the ghost town in Terlingua. Also the Starlight Theater in the ghost town.

          1. I go to Fort Davis every year for the Texas Star Party held there. Murphy's Pizza has the best pizza and really, really good salads. Although, as of last June, the Murphy's were looking to sell it. I hope it's still there when we go back there next year.
            There is a Tex-Mex place called Cava de Leon, where you can get decent food.