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Aug 24, 2008 09:17 AM

Where will you go back again (and again)?

Where did you recently go that you thought, "I'll be back"? It seems that most of the new places we try are very good (Kanella, most recently) but not so amazing that I'd want to go back. The one place that never disappoints is brunch at Lacroix.

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    1. re: Boognish

      Me too, though Kanella also belongs in that category in my opinion. So does Zahav.

    2. Matyson tops my list. I also agree about Ansill. I'm trying Kanella for the first time this week, so we'll see.

      I'm also always happy to go back to Amada. It's great every time.

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      1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

        Ok, now that I've been, I'd definitely add Kanella to my list, at least for a couple more trips. Five of us had a truly delightful meal there last night, and there were lots of things on the menu I still want to try. All of the appetizers were fantastic (dips, haloumi, sausage, boureka and a lamb's tongue special). We all loved our entrees--quail, lamb, and rabbit stew. The rabbit was the least exciting of the dishes, but still very good. Desserts were phenomenal, especially the lemon mousse. I really want to go back for some of the fish and seafood dishes. The service was friendly, the chef stopped by to say hello and it was all in all a wonderful evening.

        A couple other places we return frequently are Rangoon and Shiao Lan Kung. Both places are reliable, delicious, and easy to bring the kids to.

        Really, there are a lot of great places I would return to, but we don't get out that often and it is so hard to choose between an old favorite and an exciting new prospect. I think I just need to go out more often so I can do both.

      2. If there is one place I will always go back to again and again, then that would be John's Roast Pork.

        1. Matyson, Radicchio, Mikado. Agreed that Kanella was fine but wouldn't hurry back.

          1. Glad to hear about Zahav. We have a reservation there in a few weeks. I also am a big fan of Amada.