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Where will you go back again (and again)?

Where did you recently go that you thought, "I'll be back"? It seems that most of the new places we try are very good (Kanella, most recently) but not so amazing that I'd want to go back. The one place that never disappoints is brunch at Lacroix.

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      Me too, though Kanella also belongs in that category in my opinion. So does Zahav.

    2. Matyson tops my list. I also agree about Ansill. I'm trying Kanella for the first time this week, so we'll see.

      I'm also always happy to go back to Amada. It's great every time.

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        Ok, now that I've been, I'd definitely add Kanella to my list, at least for a couple more trips. Five of us had a truly delightful meal there last night, and there were lots of things on the menu I still want to try. All of the appetizers were fantastic (dips, haloumi, sausage, boureka and a lamb's tongue special). We all loved our entrees--quail, lamb, and rabbit stew. The rabbit was the least exciting of the dishes, but still very good. Desserts were phenomenal, especially the lemon mousse. I really want to go back for some of the fish and seafood dishes. The service was friendly, the chef stopped by to say hello and it was all in all a wonderful evening.

        A couple other places we return frequently are Rangoon and Shiao Lan Kung. Both places are reliable, delicious, and easy to bring the kids to.

        Really, there are a lot of great places I would return to, but we don't get out that often and it is so hard to choose between an old favorite and an exciting new prospect. I think I just need to go out more often so I can do both.

      2. If there is one place I will always go back to again and again, then that would be John's Roast Pork.

        1. Matyson, Radicchio, Mikado. Agreed that Kanella was fine but wouldn't hurry back.

          1. Glad to hear about Zahav. We have a reservation there in a few weeks. I also am a big fan of Amada.

            1. One of the places we do go back to, very often, is Chun Hing, on Monument Road, off City Ave, next door to the Pathmark. Is it Chow? No. What it provides for us is reliable Chinese food--never had a bad meal there in 35 years. They have what I think are the best fried dumplings in the city area; wonderful turnip-pork soup I always order, loaded with freshly cooked string beans. There is a Shrimp dish over watercress that is predictably unusual and great --Shing Tau style or something close to that.

              Service is very friendly, but I think that is partly because I am such a long-time customer, who often orders a lobster dish. I used to play bridge near there, and ate dinner straight from work, without going home before bridge. Now, we eat there whenver I run out of food, and give my hubby a choice.

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              1. Tria and Vietnam are two of my faves.

                1. For me, Birchrunville Store Cafe. A single visit last November turned us into once-a-month regulars.

                  In CC, I went to Buddhakan for the first time in January and swore I'd go back. Haven't made it yet, but haven't given up.


                  1. Now that I live in the burbs it really has to be very good in order for us to trek to the city for dinner. You are reminding of places that we have gone back again and again (Vietnam, Lee How Fook, Buddakan) and of some others to try. I will again say, that if you haven't tried Lacroix for brunch...treat yourself for a special occassion. It really is amazing.

                    1. I have to agree with brunch at Lacroix. we go there as often as possible!

                      1. On a different level than what you're thinking...but Capogiro and Reading Terminal Market! I really enjoyed Kanella & would go back. Oh, and Tiffin!

                        1. I love this thread; I've often thought of starting it myself.
                          We try many new places, but here are some that we go to again and again and again:

                          Center City: Branzino - our favorite of CC Italian (not counting someplace like Vetri)

                          Others near Kimmel Center: La Viola West, Shiroi Hana
                          (Shiroi Hana is serene, pleasant, good service.)

                          South Philly: August, Tre Scalini

                          Chinatown: Lee How Fook, Shiao Lan Kung

                          Japanese: usually Mikado (Cherry Hill) but we just tried Fuji, and that will be a repeat.

                          Pizza: Tacconelli's

                          Out of Center City, but close: Nan (terrific!), Radicchio, Sovalo

                          Suburbs: Yang Ming (even their Caesar Salad is good!), Moonstruck

                          LaCroix for special occasions - always wonderful

                          These places are tried and true; we have been to them many times.
                          There are places I read about on Chowhound that we haven't tried yet,
                          so I'm sure this list will grow.

                          Recent enjoyable meals at Little Fish, Tinto, etc.

                          1. Benny's barbecue usa for me! Mitch posted about the pork quesidilias (bad spelling!) and now I have to go tomorrow and try them. Drool.

                            1. Oh my goodness....Tacconelli's! I was only there once when I first moved to Philly. I absolutely loved it. I had forgotten about it...I'm so going back!

                              1. Dmitri's.3rd and Cathrine ONLY! We have been going there for over 10 years. We get the same thing everytime with slight variation. Depends how piggy we are that night lol! We love Jane. She always knows our basic order without us telling her.

                                1. I lived right around the corner from Dimitri's for years and it was one of my favorite places. If you lived in the neighborhood you could call or stop by and they'd put your name on the list and then call you when your table was ready. I'm glad you reminded me of it and to hear that it is still wonderful. I'm putting it back on my list. Thank you!

                                  1. Have to agree with Dmitri's- a true neighborhood bistro that never disappoints... I go there all the time and each time it is a memorable experience... I would also add Tinto, Raddichio, and Southwark to the list.

                                    1. Lee How Fook
                                      Modo Mio
                                      Gilmore's (when we have the time to make the drive)

                                      1. Vietnam, Friday Saturday Sunday, Amada, South St. Souvlaki

                                        1. Two places:
                                          Matyson, even if Matt and Sonjia are not there.
                                          Spring Mill Cafe, always a great experience

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                                          1. re: scargosun

                                            I'm glad that you mentioned Spring Mill Cafe. We've passed by it many times. I'll put it on my list.

                                            1. re: DaisyM

                                              If my husband could have their chocolate mousse every day he would ask for nothing more in life.;)

                                          2. John's original roast pork, cheese, and spinach sandwich and their mushroom, cheese steak with fried onions. Can't get that in a Chinese restuarant.

                                            1. My husband and I have a standing Saturday night date. 8 out of 10 times we just decide to go back to one of our favorites....A Full Plate in Northern Liberties. Great food, service and prices. We love it.

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                                                lar405, good call on a full plate. have you tried their recently-opened pizzeria across the walk? it's called home slice. they threw a bangin opening night party a few weeks ago - so great they ran out of food and had to close the next day!! this is going to sound weird - there is a thai curry pizza. it's not what i'd get when i'm craving pizza, but for something that will totally shock your taste buds you might give it a try.

                                              2. Maia- Bistro and Restaurant. I was very pleased with my lunch order.

                                                1. i need to get to kanella!!!!! also as soon as i run into some money i want to go to lacroix's brunch. i hear only great things!

                                                  my repeat offenders:
                                                  little fish
                                                  modo mio
                                                  north 3rd
                                                  a taste of india - wayne
                                                  thai pepper - wayne (though sliding ever so slightly downhill)
                                                  george's pizza (2nd & girard - great greek style pizza - i recommend triple kalamata!)
                                                  mama's & mama's vegetarian
                                                  vietnam palace
                                                  vietnam & vietnam cafe
                                                  rangoon (went yesterday though and it wasn't as spicy as i'm used to!)
                                                  cafe de laos