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Aug 24, 2008 08:43 AM

Lunch at Jarvis and Carlton

I'm at a conference for 3 days at a hotel on Jarvis, just south of Carlton. Is there anywhere decent around there for lunch? I'm at a loss. Thanks!

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  1. Piccolo is an Italian place that gets positive comments on the board, it's about four or five blocks to the east of Jarvis. It doesn't seem to have a website. Click on the placelink for a map and related threads -

    226 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5A2L1, CA

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      I didn't know about this place....I'll check it out soon!!

      1. re: JamieK

        I'll happily 2nd the Piccolo rec. Excellent simply prepared Italian.

        For Japanese relatively nearby, you might try Daio on the south side of Carlton about a half block west of Church. Not a 4 star, but decent and fairly reliable.

        Daio Japanese Restaurant
        45 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B2H9, CA

      2. In the immediate area of Jarvis and Carlton your choices are none existant in my opinion. Casey's restaurant is at the Grande Hotel which is located at 225 Jarvis st. This a decent very casual chain restaurant.

        The Salad King is on Gould Street, just a few stores east of Yonge Street and serves tasty Thai food in a busy, hectic, chic Ponderosa atmosphere. Note that the name does not suggest vegetarian or is Thai.

        Linda's is a restaurant by the same owner in the upper portion of the Salad King. This is a much quieter and nicer place. Check to make sure it is open. (416) 971-7041.

        There are restaurants in the Gay village if you wish to venture there. Anywhere north of Alexander to Dundonald along Church St. offer a number of different choices of typically casual fare.

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          Casey's is not actually at the Grand. it is about 1/2 a block away.

          However... the restaurant at the Grand does have very nice lunches

          The house salad is great and the bread basket is really good too.

        2. If you head a few blocks west just before you reach Yonge St., there is a Vietnamese restaurant on the south side of Carlton. I think it's called "Peach..." something. I'm not sure of the full name. I've only walked by it and not dined there.

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            Peach Garden, its called. They serve passable pho, decent bun and have a long list of refreshing drinks on their menu. While their patio is streetside, its a good place to hang out watch people walk and drive by.

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              Hmm...I can't seem to add a link to a place... or can I?

              Peach Garden
              45 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B2H9, CA

          2. If you walk west on Carlton, to Parliament, there's a Chinese place on the corner that's not bad. And Jam Café's not far, either.

            If you're looking for a greasy spoon type of lunch, Daybreak is just around there.

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            1. re: piccola

              the house on parliament has great food and great atmosphere, very reasonably priced, and a patio - doesn't get much better. just south of carlton on parliament, west side - if you're lucky they will be offering their kobe beef burger, yum!

              1. re: piccola

                Daybreak is actually at the southeast corner of Church St. and Carlton St.

                1. re: lonestartor

                  I think that counts as "around there," doesn't it?

                2. re: piccola

                  I'm not certain, but I think that Jam Cafe is open for dinner only.

                  1. re: hungry_pangolin

                    Oops, my bad. I've only been for dinner, so I never thought to check.

                3. Oooh, the Primrose. I always wondered what it was like in there. It always looks so depressing with the crappy little Tim Hortons in the front. The immediate area (as some others have mentioned) is pretty desolate. But a quick streetcar ride over to Yonge St. will give you some good options. Just north of Carlton on Yonge there is Red and White Mediterranean food (great, cheap falafel, shawarma, etc) and Kathmandu (Indian/Nepalese) that makes a mean butter chicken. There is also an Ali Baba's falafel/shawarma place at Church and Dundas.