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Aug 24, 2008 07:59 AM

Renton Update: Please post favorite places

Not many recents posts on the Renton area. Would like to get some of your favorite eateries.

The Whistle Stop Ale House (did I get the name right?). Beer selection is great. Haven't had the food.

Saigon Pho (across from the coffee place in the old gas station with coffee so good it will wake the dead). I love this place and go here all the time, everytime I'm in town. Good pho, reasonable prices. Small seemingly family run.

Red Housee (name???). Plenty of beer varieties.

Stanfords: pricey but always good.

Azteca: Pretty basic stuff, nothing special, but ok.

California Pizza Kitchen: I like. Seems a little pricey for pizza, but a good menu.

Claim Jumper: Why do I even write about this place. Too high prices and almost a bad experience every time. From the warm tea that the waitress pee'd in to warm up, to the inchworm making it's way across my mashed potatoes. The Claim Jumper is worth the mention just to state how bad and overpriced this place really is. No kidding, when I pointed out the inchworm, the waiter said, "Don't worry, it comes from the Kale." He did take my plate away, then didn't offer to bring another. Nothing but a sorry from the manager. Uh no free dessert or meal, NOPE, nothing but a sorry. Apparently this type thing happens too much for them to comp a meal.

Newport Bay (name???). On the corner. This is a pretty boring seafood place. Nothing special.

Here's my short take on Renton, and you can see I'm woe-fully devoid of great eateries. I'll provide another update in a few days as we check out some more restaurants in Renton.

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  1. an Indian friend of mine loves Naan 'N Curry in Renton (an offshoot of the SF Bay area Naan 'N Curry places) and says it is very authentic.

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    1. re: barleywino

      I second this. It is an Indo-Pakistani place with several interesting and maybe even locally unique dishes. I really enjoyed the kerala daal, a bitter melon and lentil dish, and I am eager to sample the beef nehari and haleem, Pakistani favorites that were highly touted by the staff there, and in media reports IIRC.

      1. re: equinoise

        I agree $3 a bit too much for rice. I am not a big fan of rice that is why I am very happy that my food does not include the price of rice. Rice may be expensive but their main dishes are much better than reasonably priced and undoubtedly on of the most authentic indian pakistani food served at Naan N Curry. I am from Delhi, where food has its meaning and people who know kareem's in delhi will agree with me.

      2. re: barleywino

        Naan 'N Curry charges $3+ for an order of rice. I got ripped off the last time I went there. This place is a rip off.

        1. re: noodlenoodle

          I see that N n C does charge $3.25 for "Saffron Rice: Basmati rice cooked with saffron and fresh seasoning." This is arguably a step beyond plain Basmati and worth a bit more. You may disagree.

          I am not one to pull punches on Seattle area restaurant pricing in general, but looking at the menu as a whole, this one hardly qualifies as a categorical "rip off".

          1. re: equinoise

            When I order an order of rice, I don't care if it is "Saffron Rice: Basmati rice cooked with saffron and fresh seasoning." Now, if they gave me a choice, I would probably understand but no choice; it's a ripoff.

            1. re: noodlenoodle

              Yes, charging extra for rice, and for bread, does seem bothersome and does make it add up more than it seems it ought to. The solution? Hit Naan 'n Curry for week day lunch when they throw the rice as part of the lunch special deal. Cuts the cost to about $10 per person and, there is no denying their food is mighty tasty and, yes, H-O-T, if you want it to be.

      3. The old Jubilante is now Blossom Asian Bistro, by the owners of Gene's Ristorante and the Red House. Haven't tried it yet, but will at some point...

        1. My friends love Blossom. Lunch was a bargain and they can't wait to get back for dinner.

          1. We live in the Highlands and agree that there isn't to many good places, however, there is more then there used to be and hopefully it will continue to grow. Here is the places my hubby and I like:

            Dog and Pony, 4th (?) and Park (south of Boeing)-great selection of microbrews on tap, about 35 and mostly northwest. Great pub food, sassy service and nice patio in the summer where your dog is also welcome (gates on both sides of patio open to let your dog in and they have bowls of water for the pups). This is kind of our go to place when we eat out on a whim. It is a great neighborhood place with gas fireplace, sofa, arm chair in one corner. We are glad it is not within walking distance or my hubby would have a running tab there!

            Naan N' Curry - Great Indian food and the 5 star is HOT!

            Pabla Indian Cuisine (by Fred Meyers) is vegetarian and also has a Indian grocery/bakery attached to it and is where I can find all of my ingredients for Indian cooking including premade/frozen samosas, 4 to a ziploc for around $4. I throw them in the freezer then thaw and reheat in the oven. Way easier then making my own. Oh yes, and paneer cheese that has already been cubed and fried and frozen, one pound bags for about $5. Again, throw in freezer then straight into dishes I am cooking.

            Melrose Grill - we only ate here once last year but it was a great steak house. Not cheap but I thought everything was wonderful including the service. My husband and our two friends all had steaks, with choice of potato (garlic/cheese mashed were to die for), choice of salads and wonderful homemade rolls. I had New Zealand rack of lamb, to die for! I would definitely go back again for a nice steak dinner. The building is an old historic building and has the nice, dark wood setting that I like in a steak house.

            Armondo's - Don't love this place but have had worse. There new location is nice and the wood fired pizza is good. Worth a try.

            Red House - haven't been there but have heard good things

            Ezell's Fried Chicken - Ok not really a restaurant but damn good fried chicken and the rolls are little tasty nuggets of goodness!

            Casa Durango - Sunset & Union in the Highlands - Authentic mexican food and good prices. It is always full of lots of Mexicans(always a good sign in my opinion) and there is usually Hispanic TV blasting away with a game show or soap opera so don't go for the ambience. They have pozole and menudo on the weekends also.

            A new place is supposed to open up this fall in the Highland called The Tea Palace and they have dim sum!! I hope it is good!

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            1. re: jodymaryk

              Where's the Ezell's down there? Is it off of Renton Ave, north of the Renton city line?

              1. re: smalt

                Ezell's is actually up in the Highlands on 4th. Just go up the big hill and past Greenwood Cemetery. Keep going past the new post office and when you come to the a strip mall on your right, just before the light at Duvall it is in the strip mall. Sorry, don't know the actual address. Funny, it is a few stores down from my Weight Watcher meeting and this week Ezell's was extra smelly good! Haven't caved and bought chicken after the meeting yet. My husband says it is a test!

                1. re: jodymaryk

                  Love those rolls when they're hot!

                  1. re: smalt

                    Little tender bites of buttery goodness!

            2. Must admit it's been a few years since I've dined there regularly but I used to live in Renton so have a few thoughts. If Southcenter area is considered Renton enough, Grazie, on Southcenter Parkway by the Men's Wearhouse, is pretty good. Not stellar but decent and the atmosphere is very NOT Southcenter.

              The Apogee is the local tavern in the Fairwood area. It's definitely tavern food with no frills but I like it. Can't beat the burger basket with fries and the personal combo pizza. Yummm...

              And I have to say, if you're going to mention Azteca, then I must admit a guilty pleasure is Red Robin. (Up on in East Hill in Kent and one on Southcenter Parkyway.) I know, I know! It's like the Gap of food places but when you want a greasy burger, they're tough to beat. Order side of ranch with your fries and you have the perfect decadent low-brow meal.