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Aug 24, 2008 07:46 AM

Best mochachino in Toronto?

And in my opinion, you can't have a good mochachino with hydrogenated fats. The best I've tried are at Whole Foods (in their cafe on street level) downtown and the new Leonidas cafe at the base of the Loblaws on St. Clair. The latter is so chocolaty (and you can choose from white, milk or dark chocolate) I was tempted to have another after the first. Of course, the ideal mochachino is darkly chocolaty AND darkly espresso-y.

Any other really good ones?

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    1. re: rich6008

      Really and truly! Or that's my opinion anyway. If you have another, I'm all ears!

    2. I've never had one, but Manic Coffee on College at Bathurst hits the mark on everything else they do, I'd trust they do that well also...

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      1. re: Recyclor

        That's on my list of coffee places to try. I'm just not sure I'd trust them with the chocolate part of the mocha---because so many places that have otherwise good espresso will often "cheat" on the chocolate part and use something with hydrogenated fats (which I think gives it a nasty after-taste----putting aside the negative health affects). Some places are very upfront with their quality chocolate mixes. But I've tried asking for ingredients on the cocoa/chocolate used and it's often a very difficult process for these to be found to confirm the quality. So if I go to Manic, I'll most likely bring my own chocolate mix/bar of dark chocolate and I make my own mocha..

      2. I just had THE BEST mochachino EVER...Broadview Espresso - Mike Cullen is an artist.

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        1. re: johnzinck

          Oh really?! I will definitely make a note of that--though I'm rarely in that part of the city...

        2. I'm probably gonna get shot down for this opinion but I really enjoy the Second Cups. Their plain coffee is just ok but the liquid chocolate they put in the drinks makes everything blissful. It's dark and rich and creamy.

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          1. re: food face

            I haven't tried SC's chocolate in years because last time I checked it contained a lot of hydrogenated oil. It is possible that's changed. It gets extra confusing when some places use one mix to make hot chocolate and another to make the cap into a mocha---this was pointed out to me at Le Gourmand when I asked about their chocolate mix ingredients. (The only thing I like about Starbucks is their hot chocolate mix doesn't have hydrogenated fat in it.)

            1. re: Ediblethoughts

              I wouldn't be shocked if SC's did. It does taste a lot better than Starbucks though. Ignorance is bliss.

              1. re: food face

                I definitely prefer SC's latte/cap (to which I add my own hot chocolate mix and the resulting mocha is quite good) over SB's latte/cap. SB's latte/cap definitely makes me believe the rumour that they use burnt coffee beans.