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Aug 24, 2008 07:43 AM

Demo's in downtown Nashville?....

My 12 yr old son and I will be in downtown Nashville seeing the Raconteurs(world's greatest rock band) at the Ryman end of September....looking for some good lunch and dinner spots in the downtown area...we're definitely going to Hard Rock, since my son collects tees from their locations, and likes to look at memorabilia...we heard Demo's Steak and Spaghetti is a good spot and value....can you folks please advise if you have any add'l value type places you can recommend in the 4th Av / 2nd Av downtown area...we enjoy all kinds of food...thanks all

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  1. Demo's is welcoming to kids, but the food can best be described as aimed at people who find Chef Boyardee adventurous. You would probably have a better-tasting and equal value meal at Jack's BBQ (also very kid-friendly) or the Broadway Brewhouse (despite the name, it's a restaurant) or even downstairs at Merchant's.

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      I appreciate the reply...my emphasis is on value vs 'kid friendly' as my son as unusually sophisticated food tastes vs your average 12-yr old.....thank you

    2. Chile Burrito is on 4th Avenue -- good cheap fresh fillings. Lunch only, I believe.
      Koto Sushi on Union about 3 blocks west of where it meets fourth is good and cheap. If you're from one of the coasts, you won't be bowled over by the sushi, but it's good enough and inexpensive. Lunch and dinner.
      Provence Breads and Cafes in the downtown public library is fresh and very good -- I bet their menu is online somewhere.
      Jack's BBQ is a good suggestion, and Ichiban on 2nd Avenue is very good (but I haven't been in 4 yrs).
      A little further up the ladder, economically, are Sole Mio on 3rd Ave. south of Broadway from all these other places I'm describing, and The Standard on 8th Ave., 4 blocks west of the Ryman. I wouldn't call either of them "value" places unless you're coming from NYC or LA, in which case they'll seem cheap.

      1. Since you'll be in town on a weekday, you may want to consider taking your 12YO to the downtown arcade for lunch one day. Best place is probably House of Pizza (assuming you are not from Chicago, NYC, or New Haven, CT), though there are others. The Arcade opened in 1903 and was Nashville's first mall. Located between Fourth & Fifth Avenue North, it was modeled after the Centennial Arcade in Milan, Italy. Lots of interesting places to check out including the Peanut Shop, an old-fashioned candy & nut shop, worth it if only for the smell of hot roasted nuts...

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          I second that emotion. Go to the Arcade for lunch.

          Or...just a few doors down is Varallo's. It's a chili parlor...only open for lunch. Nashville oldest existing restaurant...and pretty good, too!

          Varallo's Restaurant Too
          239 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219