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Aug 24, 2008 07:35 AM

Recommendations -NEW dining options in Las Vegas?

Hi - leaving for las vegas today. (go every 6 months for business) -

any recommendations for new dining options?

casual to upscale.


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  1. First of all the restaurant I am suggesting is not on the strip. The restaurant is called Capo's. Italian menu, but there is more to this than the food. It is designed like an old speakeasy. You go in the main entrance to a small entry room, where you ring a bell and the owner slides open a small window and inquires of your intentions, which of course you reply, "we have reservations" or if you want to get in to the theme"Bugsy sent us" and the door opens to reveal a very dark room with all kinds of smaller nooks. You may have trouble seeing the menu except each menu has a small flashlight attached to it. A fun & unique place to have dinner. You need to call for reservations. They are located about 2 miles west of the strip and if I remember it's on Tropicana. By the way, Capo's is named for Al Capon the gangster.
    It's my favorite restaurant in all of Vegas.

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      Are you sure about the name? Capo is Mafia-speak for the chief of an undergroup of the organization, who generally reports to the big boss. If they had planned to name it after Al Capone, why didn't they call it "Capone's"?

      But more importantly, why do you like it? Even more important (this is Chowhound after all), how's the food? Gimmicks don't substitute for good food, and frequently are mutually exclusive. Revolving restaurants are a classic example.

      1. re: johnb

        Google Capo's and you will find a lot about this place that I am not going to bother relating in this post. As far as the meal we had, it was excellent. I had sausage & peppers which is my personal favorite at a good Italian restaurant. I don't really remember what others had because that was nearly 4 months ago. If you like Italian food, with a Chicago style to it, you will like this place. I'm kind of particular because I travel a lot mainly in the Midwest and Southern California and the Las Vegas area because of property I own in some of those states and I want to have good food without being gouged on prices. I also have my fingers in the adult beverage industry so I have seen good joints and bad joints.
        But to each his own.

    2. We just got back from Las Vegas and found a very nice Indian Restaurant located in the Hawaiian Marketplace 3743 Las Vegas Blvd called Tamba. Great nan, marinated chicken cooked in a tandori oven, eggplant bharta, rosh something-a lamb stew. It was a nice change from the more basic food we had been eating.