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Aug 24, 2008 07:32 AM

Craftsteak or L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon for RW Vegas

My boyfriend and I are fortunate enough to be in Vegas for Restaurant Week, and we can only afford one RW dinner. We have reservations at both Craftsteak and L'Atelier and have to decide on one. In your opinion, which place has the better RW menu that is representative of their best dishes?

Here's the menu for Craftsteak:
And the one for L'Atelier:

In other words, I don't want to be paying $50.08++ just to be served substandard fare for RW customers. Taking into account the menu, the value for money, the atmosphere - where would you go?

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  1. We did the summer prix fixe at L'Atelier for $75 in June, and the Restaurant Week menu looks similar though with one fewer course, and only one choice for dessert whereas we had two choices and each got one of them so we had both (selection of tarts and selection of ice creams). The cheeses were lovely as was the first course which appears to be the same. It was a decent value at $75. Not sure this is a great value at $50 nor if it's particularly representative of what they can do. As to Craftsteak, we are doing the summer prix fixe this week so can't comment specifically on that other than to say the RW menu looks similar. If I'm guessing, I'd say Craftsteak meets your criteria a little better. If the sheer amount of food is an issue, I would think that Craftsteak definitely wins as the portion size at L'Atelier isn't particularly hearty. They are quite different in atmosphere - what do you like?

    1. Similar story with Craftsteak. The RW menu at Craftsteak is almost identical to its summer special. The highlights to our group were the grilled quail and the sweet corn (I think this preparation looks a little different). The desserts were also excellent. I guarantee you there will be a lot to eat, but unfortunately I can't comment on whether it would be superior to L'Atelier's offerings.

      1. We ate at L'Atelier a couple of weeks ago and had the summer prix fixe. The restaurant week menu is the same, but without the langostine and one dessert. The food and service were great, although I did notice that the waiter gave us the normal prix fixe and regular menu without mentioning the summer prix fixe until we asked about it.

        The food was exceptional. I've eaten at Craftsteak a few times, and I enjoy it as well, but I recommend you try L'Atelier to get a different experience at a very good price.


        1. Thanks for all your replies. In the end we ate at both Craftsteak and L'Atelier, and enjoyed both experiences very much. However if we were forced to choose, our vote would have to go to Craftsteak. The service was phenomenal, the pacing relaxed, and the sheer quantity of food absolutely staggering. We thought that family style was a great way to sample most of the menu, and the highlights were, as Dave Feldman noted, the quail and the corn, as well as the roasted peppers and potato puree (I liked everything actually!) The desserts were slightly different from those noted on the website - they brought out a great berry crisp and a banana mousse cheesecake which we could barely finish by the time we were done.

          L'Atelier was great too, but we felt somewhat rushed and unlike Craftsteak no dishes particularly stood out. I enjoyed the cheese course but felt that the salmon entree I had was pretty ordinary.

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            Glad I didn't steer you wrong. The biggest surprise for me were the desserts, which I thought were top-notch.