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Puff Pastry

  • mlukan Aug 24, 2008 07:15 AM
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OK I'm looking for some good puff pastry to buy in town because I'm sick of making it myself. I dont like grocery store stuff because its not buttery enough, anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. there was a discussion about this previously here:

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    1. re: budeeez

      Yes I seen that post and there was really only one recommendation which isnt really convenient for me to get to.

    2. I think The Instant Caterer downstairs at the St. Lawrence Market might carry their own frozen puff pastry. You could call and ask 416-601-9163. They have pre-made pastry dough and I have bought their frozen pizza dough.

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      1. re: always_eating

        Thanks so much always eating, The instant Caterer was a perfect suggestion. I never even seen the place before and I'm always at the St.Lawrence market. Much better product than at the grocery stores and friendly service.

        1. re: mlukan

          Hi mlukan, how much do they charge for a pound? Does the puff pastry come in a block or rolled sheet?

          1. re: shir

            It was a little under six dollars per sheet. Im not exactly sure how much they weighed. I bought 2 sheets and only had to use 1 for a large beef wellington and had lots left over. It wasn't overly buttery but still better than the grocery stores.

          2. re: mlukan

            Glad it met your needs! :)

        2. Have you tried the President's Choice puff pastry? It's not bad, widely available, and reasonably priced. I can't remember if it's all butter (pretty sure it is though).

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          1. re: Olivia

            The President's Choice is my go-to puff pastry. Unlike other brands its vegetarian (but not vegan), and very easy to use. The other puff pastry I've liked is from Patachou, but I don't think they sell it retail. You could still try. As for trying homemade, it's a huge pain in the a**, unpredictable at best, and probably more expensive than even the very best store-bought. Avoid the tenderflake brand if you're making a veg or kosher meal, I believe they use lard.