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Rad Restaurant Lounge/Club For Teen Birthday?

Hey guys, anyone have any recommendations for a rad restaurant Lounge/Club for an 18th birthday? I'm not native to LA, I'm from Riverside but yeah my 18th birthdays coming up and wanted to take a couple of my friends (not more than 8) to have a night out in LA and chill. Everyone in my group won't be 18 so don't want to go to a 18+ only place. Any type of food is good (love Italian though) and nothing too pricey... like not over $30, I know that cuts my options down but don't want my friends to spend too much. Also, it doesn't have to be an all-in-one club/lounge/restaurant, its cool if its a restaurant in a shopping center or if you have a restaurant suggestion and separate lounge/club suggestion too! Even just a really cool restaurant would suffice. & I'm open to anywhere from the OC to LA to the IE. Thanks so much you guys, I've been looking for a place for a long time!

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  1. the $30 is going to be tough, although, if you're open to a Sunday or starting a meal early there will be a few more choices.

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      Yeah Sundays and starting a meal early are fine with me...

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        Perhaps Takami sushi downtown. It's easy to get to from the IE, great views of LA, cool design, club like (there is a club next door but I think 21+.) Great seating outside for a party. They have a happy hour menu but you have to call to get details.

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      3. ha i totaly thought the same thing - opened this post expecting it to be a mom looking for suggestions.

        there really arent under age clubs around - occasionally one used to run on the pier during summer nights, and one at lush on wilshire.

        i agree with lucky devils, or i think 25 degrees might be cool

        musha might be a fun option in santa monica, easier on the budget because you can't drink.

        if you wanted to go and just have mains and no apps, you could do somewhere like citizen smith or social or dolce, and almost make the budget work.

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          Citizen Smith has that deal where on Monday nights, all the food is half off. If you can do Monday nights, that would work.

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            Wow, ok I'm def. going to Citizen Smith if this is true, can anyone confirm this? Is this like a limited time only thing or year round?

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              nope it's still on.

              apps under 1/2 off are like 3-10 bucks, and entrees at 8-15 or so.

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                  they do add an auto-gratuity to parties of 6 or more. just to beware - i think 18%

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                  Yes this discount on Monday nights is still going. But as Emme mentions above, they do add auto tip for 6 or more people.

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                  In addition to the Citizen Smith discount, there is also:
                  * Dolce
                  8284 Melrose Ave.
                  Los Angeles, CA 90046
                  (323) 852-7174
                  Every Monday night, all food is half-price.

                  * Bella Cucina Italiana
                  1708 Las Palmas Ave.
                  Los Angeles, CA 90028
                  (323) 468-8815
                  Every Tuesday night, all food is half-price.

                  From: http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?sec...

              1. You might check out the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. Just east of the HOB is Carney's Train (also on the Strip) for chili cheese dogs and burgers and then to HOB for a show (they also have dining options if you want to do it all in one place) might be a good plan.


                1. Oh and I was thinking along the lines of like a real sit down restaurant with good food, and not just like a fast place to burgers and fries...

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                    Fair enough. If you like the Sunset Strip area then maybe dinner at Bossa Nova for Brazilian food: http://www.bossafood.com/b2.html

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                      You could always do Sushi Dan on Sunset & Crescent Heights--they have a nice atmosphere and pretty good sushi that won't break the bank.
                      You can also do Chin Chin at the bottom of Sunset Plaza--also won't break the bank but will put you in the middle of "the action"
                      Also, took my younger cousin for her 17th birthday with some friends to Geisha House in Hollywood--while the food isn't spectacular, its pretty good and the atmosphere is very "clubby"

                    2. How about going ethnic? You could sit at a big round table with a lazy susan in the middle and eat yourselves silly at Yang Chow in Chinatown for about $20 per person including tax and tip and go crazy. (Start with the spicy hot wonton soup, then two orders of the slippery shrimp, some noodles, the green beans, the eggplant, a chicken dish, a beef or lamb dish, and maybe one more.) Or you could hit Palm Thai on Hollywood Blvd. in Thaitown (basically between Vermont and Western) for tons of food and the one and only singing Thai Elvis. (Maybe call first to make sure you don't need to be 21 to be there late for the show.) Or search this board -- a few months ago there was a review of a good all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ place for somewhere around $20 per person -- all of the little starters and the grill it yourself meats could be really fun and I know what appetites were at 18. Or if you and your friends are foodies and adventurous eaters, Jitlada in Thaitown has a regional menu along with the usual Thai offerings. Happy BD, and save "rad" for MySpace.

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                        Everyone, we ask that everyone stay on topic, and discuss food options, not other people's choice of language. We welcome all those who share a love of food, and posts that are personally critical of other hounds are not allowed.

                        Sorry for the interruption, please resume the food suggestions.

                      2. One of my favorite fun places for youth and adults alike is Dave and Busters. The food's ok but the gaming is OFF THE HOOK FUN. Totally rad. They have a deal where you can purchase a special dinner and receive a $10 credit towards gaming. Call first to inquire about the minimum age requirement.


                        If you want a more chill spot, how about dining in Old Town Pasadena, then hanging out afterwards until the wee hours or curfew? There's also the newer outdoor malls: The Grove in L.A., The Americana in Glendale, the Gardenwalk in Anaheim, etc.

                        Whatever you decide, have a fun/safe birthday celebration!

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                          There's a good idea: outdoor malls. Although the Anaheim GardenWalk is open, not all concepts are (and a couple are higher end) and so the "fun" factor might be limited. For someone turning 18, The Block @ Orange might be a better fit w/ Cafe TuTuTango (tapas) or Koji's ShabuShabu. Not too chowish, but not bad either. I think they have a Lucky Strike and D&B too.

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                            Another fun option would be Uwink in Hollywood, give them a call and I think they can help you put something together.



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                              I think they have an age limit but not sure...

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                                I THINK it is based on certain time of the night (kinda like Lucky Strike). That is why I recommended to call...


                          2. A $30 budget isn't that low when you consider that no one will be drinking. Try Ketchup or Charcoal, or go to Geisha House and order a bunch of rolls. They have plenty of options between $9-$12 and can be pretty filling, especially if you each order a couple of different ones and share. Or you could go to Stonefire Pizza and share a bunch of pies.

                            There's nothing wrong with using the word "rad", it's totally back in fashion and has been for a while now. Happy birthday!

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                              Wow thanks for the suggestions, I've been looking into Ketchup but I've been hearing bad reviews for it, but will def check it out more

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                                They have awful service and some of the dishes are $$$$$$. If you want to avoid burgers and fries, then avoid Ketchup because the only dishes that won't make you go broke are...drumroll please...burgers and fries.

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                                I think ketchup is the perfect atmosphere for this type of party.

                              3. Gyu Kaku is fun and the Sherman Oaks restaurant has a semi private room in the back. It was surprising hip when I was there.

                                1. Wow guys thanks for all the replies I'm def looking into all of them but still looking none the less!