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Aug 24, 2008 05:40 AM

Bend, Oregon

Any restaurant suggestions for Bend, Oregon? We like all types of cuisine and price is not a factor. Anything from a dive to an upscale restaurant is fine. Thank-you.

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  1. Hi Rosie,

    I have written many reviews about restaurants in Bend. There are too many of options to pin it down. With 280 restaurants in Bend, there's about 100 really good ones. I'll tell you that some of my favorites downtown are Blacksmith, Volo, Deschutes, Toomies, BBC, El Caporal, and Typhoon. If you give me more of what you're really looking for, I can help pin it down.

    Bend Oregon Restaurants

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      Your link isn't working.

      As a food writer I am always looking for the "awe" factor and "local cuisine." It can be a high end restaurant or a dive that I wouldn't know to go to unless someone told me about it. I expect to be in Bend for 1 week so I have plenty of time to eat. Many thanks for your recommendations. Rosie

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        Hey Rosie,

        I'm not sure about the link. Some of the cool places to check out that I consider to be local favorites are Jake's Diner, Deschutes and Bend Brewing Company (BBC), McKay's Cottage, Victorian Cafe, and Kona Mixed Plate. I hope you have a good time in Bend!


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          Thank you so much for the information. Your blog is very informative. Can you recommend someplace for breakfast that has wi-fi? We eat a light breakfast so someplace where we can get coffee and a muffin are fine.