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Aug 24, 2008 05:32 AM

FENG SHUI, Chelmsford,Ma.

We dined there last night and it was fabulous! We had an appetizer platter (pupu) with the freshest and tastiest food I've had in a long time. For entrees we each ordered a plate which was waaaaay too much food, but awesome. One was Moo Shi Chicken, which the waiter rolled at our table and it was delicious!! Also, the cashew chicken, 4 thumbs up......
chicken egg foo yong which was plentiful and great! The Pad Thai was a little too mild for my taste but my friends loved it. I prefer a more peanutty taste. Also, a Shrimp Tempura, which was fresh and not greasy! A different variety of vegetables with this ie: sweet potato, zucchini, eggplant as well as onion rings. All portions were huge. We have plenty of left-overs so we get to re-live the experience!! Our waiter, Tien, was awesome. He formerly worked at Su Changs in Peabody. He was attentive and helpful without being annoying.
Our experience was fantastic beginning with the host & hostess right thru dinner. I can't wait to return. Highly recommend. A Four * experience!

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  1. I just spoke with someone yesterday about this place, same opinion. I need to give it a try soon, Thanks for the review.

    1. I love Feng Shui! The design of the restaurant is gorgeous and the food is authentic yet the presentation is updated. I usually get a little annoyed when restaurants try to mix a ton of different types of asian, but I really enjoyed the sushi at Feng Shui to.

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        I'm rather confused at your use of the word "authentic" there.

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          I also love Feng Shui..Buffet is always fresh and delicious and sushi and menue items are fresh and delicious. I have been going since they opened there Chelmsford location.

        2. Well it's not authentic like something you would find in China, but the flavor of the food isn't too Americanized. My parents loved the food; they didn't complain that it was too sweet, too fried or too bland. They're Chinese and don't hesitate to voice their opinions about places like PF Chang's and Mandarin Gourmet...

          1. Went last evening to try their regular menu. Had sushi here once before and it was pretty good. Surprised by the fact that they were offering a Sunday Buffet for $18. So, we decided to go that route vs the menu route.

            Lobster with ginger and scallions, snow? crab legs (not sure what kind, but not Alaskan), some nigiri (Low quality and mostly white fish and the tray was replenished ZERO times while I was there), boring maki rolls, and many typical chinese apps. They had some dishes like general Gau's, chicken and brocc, baked seafood, salt and pepper shrimp, lo mein, fried rice and other stuff you'd expect to see.

            Have to add that the wonton soup that they give you with the buffet literally tasted like soapy water - disgusting - skip it. Luckily I had a scorpian bowl to burn that nasty flavor right out of my mouth!

            The Lobster was the highlight. I totally filled up on it. There was some good size pieces of tail meat that and very few pieces of claw. They also served the leg section which I do not normally eat due to the lack of meat in that area. They replenished this regularly. Crab rangoons were excellent, just wish they were crispier. I did not try the crab legs.

            I'd have to say that Bamboo's Sunday Buffet is still a bit better in my book quality wise. However, I think they charge more ($25ish).

            I do not normally frequent these types of buffets, but I'd return to this one again - maybe in like a year or so.

            1. Tried the Sunday dinner buffet last night and was overall pleased. Sushi was good, nigiri was replenished occasionally with good tuna and salmon pieces. Salt and Pepper shrimp with shell on could have been crispier but the shrimp was BIG. Steamed Crablegs was good and plentiful but I was disappointed by the lobster pieces, tail pieces was only about 1 1/2 inches of the ends. As mentioned before, lots of bodies and claws. Service was very good.