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Aug 24, 2008 04:49 AM

Olive oil pourer any good for keeping olive oil fresh?

Is this typical olive oil pourer any good for keeping it fresh because the spout is uncovered and exposed to air?

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  1. Also helps you control the speed or flow of the olive oil pouring out of the bottle. A light hand instead of a heavy gush of olive oil is so much easier/nicer to work with.

    1. You can buy just the cork/porer things, and some have a little "lid"on the spout. I have a small glass pourer that I use at the table, but otherwise I just put my thumb (my clean thumb!) on top of the bottle to control the amount that comes out.

      1. In answer to 'will it keep the oil fresh', I think the answer would be no. Wouldn't you have to evacuate any oxygen to keep oxidation from taking place? Don't know how you'd store oil in an any kind of vacuum container. Even if this container had a cap, there would still be oxygen inside the bottle.

        OK all you chemists out there....?

        Storing you main bottle of oil in a cool dark place and refilling a smaller container to keep in your cooking area, using it up quickly, keeping it rotated, would likely be the best option for the home cook.

        Also, adding herbs or garlic to oil in a decanter kept at room temp is a NO-NO because of toxicity issues. Looks good in the photo, but don't do it.

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          i think it is only garlic which is the no-no in oil, but i think it is best to infuse whatever oil a la minute --- for the single use in a dish. there are many threads about infused oils, fwiw.

          keep your oil tightly closed. an open spout is not good unless you are going to use the whole bottle at a go! i just bought an artisanal oil with that spout, but the spout has a little bulb cap. i will definitely re-use that bottle/lid.

          i've also learned not to buy too much olive oil at a time.

        2. I keep ceramic olive oil and vinegar cruets similar to the ones pictured here on my countertop so they're always to hand. I buy oil in gallon cans and refill the cruet as necessary. Ceramic is preferable to glass since the oil is best kept out of the light and the top has a lid on the spout (as MMRuth describes) that opens when you pour and closes when you set the cruet back down.

          1. I have one of those pourers that came with a bottle of Spanish olive oil I bought... I just cover the opening with a bit of aluminum foil.