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Chilean Sea Bass - how to cook this fish?

The filet I have is very very thick with the skin on. One inch thick, in a half moon shape.
Looking for method here more than a recipe per se.

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  1. Chilean Sea Bass is a high fat fish and will cook well using many dry heat methods from grilling, pan saute, baked, oven roasting, broiling....It is hard to screw it up since it tends to stay moist but it can be done.

    1. Back when we used to buy it, we would steam it with an Asian twist (ginger, soy, scallions, etc). It was perfect everytime, very hard to screw up this type of fish. Oh how I miss it!

      1. my favorite method for this delicious fish is to marinate it in a little soy sauce and sesame oil and broil it

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          Yes, it's really tasty broiled (unfortunately!!)-- that was our favorite way to make it, too, back before it went onto the list of "avoidiest of avoided fish" (since catching it is threatening to drive it and several other species to extinction) Apparently there's actually one fishery that has managed to get approved as semi-sustainable now, but I've never managed to see their fish in any market....

          Chilean Sea Bass fact sheet:

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            I was under the impression that it is now being ethically fished - especially at places like whole foods, that released a statement in regards to this issue years ago....

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              That could be-- I just haven't managed to get any specific and reassuring info from my WF fish guys that it's from the place listed or one like it, so it might not be universally available. (The fish watch list suggests that it might be a very limited supply, indeed)

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                There is only one sustainable fishery, South Georgia Patagonian Toothfish Longline Fishery, with very low outputs. Whole Foods does buy from this fishery, but the high amounts of Chilean Sea Bass in US markets vs. the low amount that one fishery produces raises some questions. A vast majority of Chilean Sea Bass in the US is still illegally caught.

          2. Create a tin foil packet large enough to hold an individual portion of sea bass, a cleaned scallion, a lemon wedge and a splash of soy sauce. Make sure the packet is folded well and place on med high covered grill for 10 mins. Center of grill, but avoiding a flaming grill.

            When prepared you will open a fragrant and tender piece of heaven!

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            1. I like to marinate it in soy sake and miso and brown sugar then pan saute it in butter. when it's almost done I pull it out of the pan put the marinade in and reduce to a nice sauce then add fish back in to finish and serve over mixed grens with reduction. Sooooo Good.

              1. I have had success baking sea bass with paper-thin lime slices, crushed annato seed (achiote), wrapped in banana leaf.

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                  I usually dust with flour, place in hot saute pan for a quick sear on both sides (appx 2 minutes per side); cover the pan and finish in the oven.

                  Side note: I usually also dust with Black and Red seasoning from Penzys before adding to the pan.

                  1. Here's what nobody has said yet that is critical: cook it! It cannot be cooked rare or medium rare. Once I undercooked a two inch slab... It is terrible raw.
                    I am not suggesting you cook it to death, or anything approaching it, but you want to pass the point of being raw.
                    I love this fish in every shape and form. I like it pan browned and then covered with capers and minced kalamatas on top with a little chipotle and covered if necessary, to finish cooking thru. Perhaps a little white wine in the pan afterwards and you should be able to achieve a little sauce to pour over it.

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                      Nor should it be overcooked! Of my single disappointment in maybe 12 encounters (=restos+ my own), it was oversteamed slop I could have slurped through a straw.
                      The texture and color remind me of equally-endangered orange roughy, but without the "curly" grain.